How to Build a Recruiting Marketing Content Plan

By Marie Barnes

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The main thing for every company is people. Clients are increasingly coming to us, whose goal is to build an HR- / employer-brand. We see how market demand for this is growing. Companies are willing to invest in people and their employer brand. Therefore, we decided to talk about it from a PR position.

According to a study by Brandon Hall Group “The True Cost Of A Bad Hire,” the chances of hiring a tough specialist are tripled for those who invest in an HR brand. Companies that do not develop a PR direction spend 10% more on one new employee than their successful competitors.

These are just a few of the factors that will increase the talent gap. In such realities, new tools and technologies, creativity and HR branding are no longer a whim, but a necessity.

The Proper Strategy As Your First Step

To build an HR brand, you must form a key message and determine to whom it is sent. Key messages are a powerful expression of brand values and ideas. When communicating with the target audience through the media, you need to broadcast key messages. Make a detailed portrait: what is the age of these people, social status, habits, and hobbies; which brands they choose, which media they read, and what they expect from work. For critical messages to appeal to your target audience, make sure that they correspond to the style of the media that the target audience reads.

It is essential to understand that HR, creating and promoting content marketing, solve several problems at the same time:

  •       Attracting potential candidates;
  •       Attracting potential customers;
  •       Involving your employees;
  •       Involving actual customers, suppliers, etc. companies.

Based on the previous, HR engaged in content marketing should have the following skills and competencies:

  1. Content generation (writing skills, collecting exciting information on the Internet, collecting interesting information from company employees);
  2. Make a promotion in social networks;
  3. Include SEO optimization;
  4. The ability to engage company employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc. in sharing information and creating content.

Social Media as the Primary Area

The behavior of a potential candidate depends on how he learned about the vacancy. There are two scenarios: the recruiter offers the job, or the candidate found you himself. In both cases, he googles information about the company: reads reviews, looks at employee profiles, reads publications in the press.

We recommend conducting a survey among employees - finding out articles on which topics and in which media they read. Analyze media coverage and create a content plan that matches the strategy. Materials can be divided into:

  •       Articles about the company and employee interviews. For example, about what the company is known for how it surpasses competitors, about the office, about top managers. You can also talk about corporate culture and activities for employees outside the office. Interviews are a way to show that a company has something to share; its experience is exciting and useful to the reader.
  •       Expert columns and commenting on feature articles. An expert can be not only an HR manager but also other employees - developers, marketers, CEO. Often a company primarily thinks about columns from HR and CEO or CTO (if it is about hiring programmers).
  •       Columns about company values. Customers choose with their hearts, as do job seekers. Talk about values that are important to you that employees will want to broadcast — for example, the importance of teamwork or customer focus.

This should not be “publication for publication.” Carefully work out the content plan, make sure that the articles are diverse, interest the media, and cover all representatives of the target audience.

True Factors That Make Your Content Plan Better

  •       The Content Strength

Never underestimate the power of content. If used correctly, content marketing can open up a whole host of new opportunities that you did not even know about. Branding forms all aspects of your organization, brand development is a magnet when attracting passive candidates. Make a content marketing plan and specify what types of content you will post every day.

  •       Grow your brand

In today's world, employer brand marketing has become more critical than ever. Without this, you will not attract the attention of a passive wandering candidate. Many recruiters and HR managers team up with the marketing team to find the best ways to promote their brand. Content is the king of recruiting candidates. Content such as infographics and blogs is informative and serves as a learning resource for candidates. Besides, your marketing department can display the culture of your company on social networks.

  •       Social Media Targeted Campaigns

As you probably already know too well, social media is the perfect tool for reporting your brands. Make sure that when recruiting in a specific industry, you find out which social platform is the strongest in this market. There is no point in wasting time and energy, distributing your brand messages if your ideal candidates cannot see them. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook bring together billions of users. Effective use of these social platforms will make you visible.

  •       Be SEO Friendly

More than 226 million job search requests are made to Google each month. It's a lot! The more potential candidates who are considering your work, the higher the likelihood of attracting high-caliber candidates. Use such a necessary tool as keyword hints, and this will help you see the search ranking associated with your keywords.


By following the mentioned steps and tips, you can quickly build a decent content plan that will help you to recruit more talents, regardless of the industry. 

Bio: Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at TheAdsy. She has a lot to share on the topics of Marketing, PR, and Branding.

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