How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Boost Marketing Strategy


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LinkedIn is one of the most prominent platforms that can improve your chances of making connections, generate leads and enhance your business marketing.

It is considered to be the largest professional social media network with approximately half a billion users all over the world. It is also found that 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making decisions whether to purchase or not.

It is also known that LinkedIn is the number one source of professional content. In order to stay in great shape with your content marketing and lead generation through LinkedIn, your LinkedIn Profile should be your absolute best.

Here are a few ways you can do to optimize your profile to improve your marketing strategy.

Complete, Updated and Consistent

First and foremost, completion of your LinkedIn profile is a must. Your profile serves as your online resume. You wouldn’t submit an incomplete resume to your employer, would you?

Let people know that you do and let your profile tell them that you are good at what you do in detail.

Moreover, whenever you make changes, you have to make updates on the current information about yourself. It will negatively reflect you and your business when you are presenting different information in your LinkedIn profile compared to your resume or other social media platforms.

The Professional Look

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, Do what the Romans do”. Therefore, when in a professional networking platform, would you opt to look like a clown? No, I think not.

Avoid using inappropriate selfies. The environment where you are taking your photo also matters. Even if you have a professional shot but your background contains a party and some photobombers, that is hardly professional.

However, let your profile picture reflect you and your personality as well as your skills and abilities. If you are in the creative industry, edit your profile picture to make it creative-looking while staying professional-looking.

Personalization is Key

In this era, with the growing use of Artificial Intelligence and bots, people rely on the default settings and the automatic generation of content.

You can personalize and show people that you are human and don’t just rely on the fast and easy method that bots and AIs can give.

This will also show that you took the time to personalize aspects of your profile which can be associated with ingenuity and dedication.

Own Your URL

Creating your Linkedin profile for the first time, your default link URL will be a combination of letters and numbers that are neither user nor SEO friendly.

Optimize it by changing and personalizing it with your name. It is recommended that you use the short version of your name to make it more memorable and easy to search for people who have taken an interest in looking for you.

Inviting Invitations

When inviting someone to connect on LinkedIn, make it more personal and sincere by making a personalized invite.

The people you are inviting are also a member of LinkedIn and they know if you are inviting them using default template invite of the platform. Sending personalized invites will also boost your chances for them to accept your invitation.

Connect, Connect and Connect

The point of joining LinkedIn is to gain many connections and build relationships with various people that can improve your marketing.

That won’t happen if you keep to yourself. Even if you are a well-known brand, you still have to connect yourself to the world to gain more influence and reputation.

Therefore, the key here is to connect, connect and connect.

Join Groups

One of the ways to gain connection is to join groups with like-minded people who share the same interests. It could be a small group that shares the same job as you, it could be a group in the same niche.

There are millions and millions of groups existing that you can choose which group you’ll be joining to benefit you and your business more.

Search for People

Finding connections isn’t just limited to join groups and hope that the people you are looking for will show themselves to you.

You can also search for someone specifically using LinkedIn’s search and advanced search. Using this method will enable you to find potential customers, influencers or partners that can help your business.

Relationships Matter

Don’t just start connecting people and sell them your product or services. That is a huge mistake to make and will immediately turn them off.

Cultivate and build a relationship with potential customers and fellow business owners. While in a group, you can be active to join and contribute to discussions. Comment, share, like and engage with other people’s posts and topics in LinkedIn.

This will make people aware of you and your expertise. This will also show people that you know what you are doing and will slowly build a reputation.

When you became established, that’s when you start to ask for favors with high chances of them accepting.

Produce Royal Content

Content is King. And that is not a saying that is easily exhausted no matter how many times it was repeated even though it is worth repeating.

Other than discussing topics with other people, you can also increase your influence and strengthen brand awareness by producing amazing and top-notch content. LinkedIn notifies followers contents that you have published. It is indexed and can be searched using search engines as well.

Therefore, content that gives value and helps specific and well-targeted people will gain quite a reputation in LinkedIn, boost brand awareness and improve their rankings.

Take Away

Known to be a platform which delivers professional and trustworthy content, it is a no-brainer that people expect members in LinkedIn to be professional and trustworthy also. Keep your profile professional and authentic.

Remember that your profile reflects who you are which in turn contributes to how people see your business.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform and it can be for anyone. Job seekers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and more.

Whether you work in a big company or a small company, having a well-updated and professional LinkedIn profile is essential. With a LinkedIn page, you will surely improve your reputation and increase leads as well as boost brand awareness.

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