How To Win At Social Media Branding

By Kapil Sharma

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It's hardly an exaggeration to say that social media has become more popular than ever for using platforms like Twitter and Facebook solely for the purposes of staying in touch with friends and family.

Nowadays, these platforms are used as channels for the latest news, to receive promotional offers from top brands, an avenue for finding employment, selling used goods and more. Naturally, competitive brands want to capitalize on the potential that these platforms have to offer. This is where social media branding comes in.

Social media branding is all about ensuring that your brand exists across various platforms consistently and effectively. Follow these steps to leverage your brand:

Use Your Logo Everywhere

Every business understands the important role that a logo plays. It’s what gives a brand identity. So, you must utilise this branding in as many social media platforms as possible. You would need to use your logo on all your various social media accounts. You can also use it as a banner image, for your digital advertising on social media, etc.

An important consideration for when you start promoting your brand with your brand logo on your social media channels is that it should be consistent. The colours, fonts, and icon should be the same everywhere. However, nothing is stopping you from altering the design slightly to be in line with certain events like holidays, company events, current affairs, etc.

Select a Color Palette

The impact of social media strategy on branding is valuable but you need to understand the fundamentals first to make it work. Using the right colours is one of them.

What you want to do for robust social media branding is to create a colour palette that is well suited to your brand. Remember, colours speak their own language and also affect us emotionally. That being said, there are easy ways to go about selecting your branding colour. For example, you can use a tool like which can generate fresh and interesting colour combinations at the press of a button.

Use High-Quality Images

One of the ways brands elevate their business with images is to use photos that are available in high quality and high resolution. You need to do the same for your social media profiles.

When you use poor quality images on your website and social media accounts, it puts your brand in a bad light and suggests unprofessionalism. The good news is that there are plenty of websites where you can find and download high-quality and royalty-free images easily.

Stay Relevant and Frequent

It won't be in your brands best interest to create top-notch social media accounts that aren’t regularly updated. You can’t afford to be inactive and inconsistent in posting fresh content on your social media profiles as that will gradually make your brand less visible to your customers.

Since Facebook is the most popular social media platform, you need to understand how its News Feed works. It tends to rank live videos, and videos with higher views and completion rates higher in the News Feed. Similarly, if a user doesn’t respond to the posts on a business page, then the algorithms begin to be affected. You can fight this problem by carefully monitoring the performance stats of your campaigns on a post-by-post basis by looking at the number of “likes”, “comments”, and “shares” the individual posts get.


Social media branding may not seem like an important task for every modern business. However, underestimating its importance can also be one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of a company's marketing efforts in today’s competitive industry. This is why experts strongly recommended that both small and big businesses should work towards creating powerful identities on various social media platforms. The information above can be of great help for that. Good luck!

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