Must-Have Tools For Social Media Managers In 2022

By Abhishek Roy

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Social media has emerged as an integral part of everyone’s life. The platforms started as communication tools to stay connected to loved ones and as platforms to share photos and videos. Today, social media platforms are regarded as one of the brands' most effective marketing tools. 

Like any other marketing strategy, social media must be carefully curated, managed, and measured. In addition, social media managers must have access to the latest tools and be up-to-date with the recent trends and practices to deliver on their strategic vision. 

Here’s a compilation of some of the top tools every social media manager must have in their kitty in 2022. 

Content Creation Tools 

Social media managers are responsible for creating engaging content for different platforms, including Twitter posts, Facebook posts, and Instagram Reels. That’s why using video and photo editing tools like Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc., is critical. However, if you find them too complicated, there are beginner-friendly tools like Pablo, iMovie, and Canva. 

In addition to these graphic tools, you’ll also need copywriting tools driven by AI to create blog posts, captions, etc. With these tools, you can save time in creating high-quality content. 

Some AI-driven content creation tools include QuillBot, Jasper, and Copy AI. 

Biteable is also an excellent tool for creating social media content, and with it, you can easily create entertaining, engaging short videos to be shared across social media platforms. 

Antivirus/malware Software 

Locking down social media accounts can thwart attacks from nefarious actors. But unfortunately, several third-party apps are out there trying to steal user information. 

Therefore, all social media managers must install antivirus or malware software on their devices. This way, they can guarantee online security to their clients when handling their social media accounts. 

For example, if you are a Mac user, you can use CleanMyMac X to protect critical data against cybercriminals and hackers. Likewise, you can install Norton Antivirus to get solid all-around protection if you are a Windows user. 

Tools to Track Online Trends 

Keeping up with the latest trends is essential to being a social media manager. You would want the brands you represent always to be ahead of the curve and not caught flat-footed. 

Some of the social media listening tools that can help you stay on top of the latest trends are:

  • Insights in Hootsuite - Powered by Brandwatch, Insights in Hootsuite is a social media listening solution. Search Insights to know what people are talking about and assess social media conversations. Thanks to this tool, you can get to the heart of the conversation and find brand advocates that the competitors might miss out on. 
  • Google Alerts - It is a great tool to help social media managers monitor the Internet for exciting new content. By setting this up, you’ll receive real-time alerts on new content. 

Tools to Analyze Data 

If you are at the wit's end as to why the performance of your social media marketing strategy is not up to par, you need to invest in data analytics software. It will help you understand your audience. 

Social media analytics tools will assist you in monitoring the brand's performance and accordingly create strategies.

You can use data analytics tools like HootSuite, HowSociable, and Google Analytics. 

Tools for Planning and Scheduling Content 

For any social media manager, the ability to plan and schedule bulk social media content is a coveted skill. Planning and scheduling tools can save time and effort from manually posting content regularly. 

Some of the top social media schedulers include:

  • Buffer - a scheduling tool that supports all social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. A great feature of this tool is its Chrome and WordPress integrations. The tool allows users to schedule posts via their iOS and Android devices. 
  • SocialPilot - It is one of the most straightforward tools that allow you to post on numerous platforms like YouTube, GoogleMyBusiness, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Every feature of this tool is designed to simplify creating social media schedules. It even optimized social media marketing efforts. 

Agropulse, eClincher, and SproutSocial are other social media scheduling tools worth checking out. 

Tools for Team Collaboration 

Slack, Trello and Asana are some of the top team collaboration teams every social media manager must use. These tools help in better management of social media projects as all the team members can stay connected with each other. For instance, your team may consist of a copywriter responsible for creating captions for the posts while you are focusing on the visuals. Therefore, it is critical for the copywriter and the designer to work well together and easily share files. That’s where these project management tools come in handy. 

Last but not least, social media managers must access data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau to take all the metrics and numbers and transform them into easily understandable visuals. In addition, these tools enable easy reporting of results so brands can measure their success. 

How many of these tools are you already using? Do you recommend any other tool that’s not mentioned here? 


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