One Tweak that will take Your Social Channels from Good to Great

By Georgi Todorov

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Turning your business into a personal brand can help you get more recognition and attention from the audience you’re trying to target. It can even help you get hired as a digital marketer. However, using social media to achieve that can be a total game-changer. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube can do wonders in building your social presence in the industry. For instance, a number of businesses in the China B2B Marketplace not only rely on their websites but also use social media to get closer to their customers.

Just as how serious you should be while building your social profile, many business owners don’t realize the importance of updating it regularly. With changing trends and new technology, people like to see innovative content that is unique and sets apart your business. This is why a little effort of tweaking can take you a long way in your business journey.

Read on to find out some basic tweaks and updates that you can do to make your profile look as fresh as ever:

1.   Profile Photo

Your profile picture is the first thing that people notice when they visit your profile. Regardless of the platform, choose a photo that is professional and fits accordingly in both size and relevance. There's nothing worst than having a pixelated or misaligned photo, you can use an online image resizer to do the work! Many successful brands have a designated logo created by a professional logo creator, which they keep as their profile picture so they can establish a connection with people straightaway. It is also recommended to keep the same photo on every social media you have a profile on.

2.   Connect through Photos

 This is the 21st century and people hardly have time to read long convincing paragraphs of information. What they want to see are visual content, catchy headings, and relevant hashtags. Even at most Chinese B2B trade websites, for instance, companies use pictures to attract buyers instead of providing written content.

As a business owner, you need to understand the importance of photos, use the right social media management tool – good quality and professional photos that you can upload every day. If you want to connect with people on a human level, you need to be consistent with uploading pictures. You can use the same on all platforms but make sure they represent your brand, are not copied from somewhere else, and appropriate. Hire a professional photographer to do the job for you! 

3.   Don’t use Social Media Because Everyone’s Doing it

Yes, we know 90% of your audience, most of your competitors, and B2B brands are on social media but that doesn’t mean you blindly have to follow the mob. Stop using social media for the sake of using it instead of using it as a way of forming two-way conversations, just as we do it on the phone. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses do is post their content on social media like on billboards or as a banner advertisement. You need to use, for example, a live chat platform or callback software for engaging with your customers rather than just marketing. Start looking for opportunities where you can interact with people and invite them to your business.

4.   Use more Keywords

Add keywords to all of your content. Whether it is a blog post on your website, caption of one of your pictures, a trending tweet, an Instagram story, or a post on Facebook, don’t forget to add relevant keywords that match your marketing campaign. Almost 70% of successful businesses in the China B2B platform incorporate keywords and phrases to capture their audiences’ attention. Just like that, they should be combined in every aspect of your social profiles too. If you don't know how to do it by yourself, explore which social media agency can do that for you, because it is better sometimes to hire professionals for new practices. 

5.   Have the Same Username for all your Profiles

Like your profile picture, your username should also be consistent across all social platforms. It’s best to use the same name as your business but if you have other ideas, make sure it is relevant and related to your brand. Remember to use one name so people can easily know you by that name.

Taking good consideration of your social media profiles is pivotal to your business’ success. Just a few tweaks and updates can bring massive results to your marketing campaign. Make sure to always keep your audience in mind before making any changes because these will directly affect them too.

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