Social Bookmarking: The Best Sites and How to Use them

By Crystal Simmons

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Social Bookmarking as an SEO tactic

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Social bookmark sites are a way for people to save, or bookmark, their favorite web pages, so they can read them anytime. From recipes to hairstyles and everything in between, people bookmark everything, or they use the sites to find new websites and ideas. If you want a new dinner recipe, check your favorite social bookmark page, and there are thousands at your fingertips.

From a business perspective, it's important to note that search engines take some cues from social bookmarking sites. When they notice a website has been bookmarked frequently, the search engines may increase that site's ranking, assuming the website is of high quality. There are ways to make sure you are using these website effectively. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks.

1. Write Eye-Catching Headlines

You want your article to stand out amongst the rest; there are going to be hundreds very similar to yours. The best way to get users to click on your bookmark is by using a great headline. It needs to intrigue them or let them know exactly what they will learn by reading your article.

2. Write an Interesting Description

With your bookmark, you can include a short description of the article. You want to give some details, but leave enough out that they are curious about the rest. However, don’t ever use false facts about the article. Also, the description should be short. The best description should be between 100 to 150 words.

3. Quality Content

You can have a great headline and the perfect description, but it won’t matter unless the content of your website matches. People don’t want to read fluff or trash. If a reader clicks on your link to read 10 tricks to catch more bass fish, don’t put tricks beginners would know. Readers want to learn or gain something from your article.

4. Put the Bookmark in the Right Category

Most popular social bookmarking sites, such as Pinterest, let you place your bookmark into a category. You would place a recipe under “Food and Drink” or an article about patio design under “Home Décor.” Placing your article into the right category helps get it noticed faster, by people who are looking for that information.

5. Post Other Content

Under the guidelines for many social bookmarking sites, they prefer the website not to be used solely for self-promotion. You should focus on building a solid profile. It is fine to post your own websites, but you should also bookmark other relevant articles. Bookmark relevant articles that could be in the same niche area. If you have a hunting websites, bookmark articles about firearms, hunting with bows, survival gear, and more.

Awesome Bookmarking Sites

There are a few social bookmarking sites that are popular. They make it easier to get more backlinks. Also, remember it is crucial to find and index all of your backlinks. Websites, such as, can help you ensure all of your backlinks are processed, which increases your search engine ranking.

  • Pinterest is one of the most commonly used social bookmarking sites. You can “pin” anything that your heart designs. Most websites have a pin located on the side of your website, so you can “pin” it.
  • StumbleUpon is another easy to use social bookmarking site. You can download it to your toolbar for easy bookmarking. You also can share it so other users can find it as well.
  • is a popular site that allows you to search for bookmarks based on tags and filters. It is free, like the two previously mentioned sites. You can access it from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Blokube is for blogging and SEO experts. It allows their users to vote for each other’s articles. If you are a blogger, this is a great site to use.

Hopefully the above will give you some ideas for effectively increasing the visibility of your business's website, both on search engines and amongst the community of social bookmarking users. Good luck.


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