5 Benefits of CRM Software for Small Businesses

By Manoj N

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Starting, running and sustaining a small business in order to ensure that it grows and scales at the right speed and time, is a crucial necessity that all entrepreneurs face. In order to start a business and then scale it up successfully, an entrepreneur would have to cover a journey filled with milestones and challenges that come with meeting each milestone. Doing this would require using a number of tools and resources. While some of the resources are quite obvious like manpower and funds as well as machinery, land and other assets, there are many other tools that we also need to bring in. Digital tools are some of the most important tools in this regard. 


These tools would set the business on a growth-bound journey and they would impact a majority of departments and processes including marketing, human resource setup and team structures, as well as operations and more. One of the most crucial tools in this regard would be the CRM software that you decide to use for your business in order to ensure that you are not only able to comfortably manage your customers, their resources and your key deliverables - but you should also be able to grow with the tools that would help you gain visibility and manage your resources in a far better manner for goal achievement. 


This is one of the primary reasons why we need CRM. Apart from this, there are a number of reasons why one must use the right CRM software, as follows:

1.Understanding and delivering exactly what the customer needs: 


Social media today has exploded today with multiple feeds, conversations and hashtags along with algorithms that can dictate trends and what the new needs and solutions of an industry could be. In such an environment, it has become more important than ever to use CRM in order to understand the customer in the best possible manner. 


Why is it important to understand the customer? Well, the answer is quite simple - unless you understand, you cannot offer the customer what he or she really wants. And unless you offer the best possible solution, how will you sustain and grow your business? It seems like a simple enough piece of logic when it comes to winning over your customer since the fact of the matter is that the customer truly is king. So, in order to bring in customers and possible revenue, you would need the right CRM software by your side. It would be imperative to have a system or a process like a CRM software that would comb the world wide web in order to find exactly what kind of conversations your ideal audience may be indulging in, so that you can swoop in with your product and offer the right kind of solution for the same. With the right CRM software in place, you would be able to build a core message for each audience group that would address the exact needs of those customers in question. 

2. One Product, Many Messages: 


This automatically brings us to a very important part of using the right CRM software. When you have one product or service, but it has the potential to fit into a number of uses, there are also a number of audience groups that you would have to reach out to, as a consequence. In order to find the right fit, you would have to pick up key phrases and position yourself accordingly so that you can then catch the attention of the said audience group. And this has to be done for each group with the same efficacy. 


In order to automate this effort and to create the same level of positioning, reach, engagement and finally a conversion, you would need good CRM software on your side which can mine the right data for you to use in the message formulation that would appeal to various audience groups. CRM will give you the basis to word your message for the same product in different key phrases so that you can be sure that you have covered all your bases when it comes to winning the attention of target customers from multiple groups. 


3. Scalability becomes a reality: 


Every small business owner wants to make his or her business a scalable one so that there is growth, profit and higher revenue on a constant basis. In order to do this, there has to be some sort of automation like CRM since it would be virtually impossible for a real-time team to sit and manually carry out the various mundane tasks that would also eat into their productivity and overall efficacy. The CRM software would help you accomplish such tasks in an error-free way and in a faster way as well so that you are able to reach more people with the right data in place. 


4. Better Teams: 


When you build a team, you want it to work well. A team consists of members who would collaborate on a number of fronts so as to deliver business goals. Yet, many times, things get lost in translation and there is duplication of efforts or a complete miss of certain tasks. In order to avoid all this, you would need CRM software that can automate and organize every task as per the core skill and role of each team member for maximum and best performance. 


5. Boost Sales: 


In order to get more out of your business, you would need to boost sales. But this would be possible only if you are able to make a massive effort on all fronts, in a small amount of time. If you are to spend on resources that would take too long to deliver the results, then you cannot term that as profit or success. Therefore, the use of the right CRM software would be required in order to boost sales and to make a larger impact on the balance sheets!


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