The Importance of an Editorial Calendar for Social Media Sharing

By Ginger Abbot

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Social media is a critical resource for growing your business. It’s a quick way to reach consumers, communicate your marketing promotions, and even learn about your consumer base. If you haven’t had that experience with your business, it’s likely because you need a calendar. Read on to learn about the importance of a social media calendar to figure out how to start using one today.

1. Calendars Ensure Regular Posts

Why do you need an editorial calendar for social media sharing? To answer that question, think about the importance of communication. If a friend only texted you once or twice a month, you’d think they didn’t care about your relationship.


Consumers have the same reaction to brands that don’t post regularly after gaining followers. A calendar helps teams schedule posts so you never miss the chance to build relationships with your customers.

2. Promotions Are Easier to Plan

Any successful marketing campaign needs to reach the right audience. That’s one of the most significant benefits of having a social media calendar. You’ll know which campaigns fit each platform based on which parts of your consumer base are most active on each site.


When promotional sales on specific items or services reach consumers who are most likely to become interested, the campaigns will generate more revenue.

3. Content Becomes Trackable

It’s never helpful to post content that your audience has already seen or learned. People want new information when they follow your profile, which points out another reason to learn how to use a social media calendar for your business.


Use each log to track which types of content you posted and when. See who responded most to those posts, and you’ll narrow down which ones do better with your consumer base. Social media posts are also trackable through modern tools that connect your team members and improve productivity.

4. Customer Profiles Are Possible  

Creating customer profiles is another reason you need an editorial calendar for social media sharing. When posts go viral or get positive responses, check out who liked or shared them. Their profiles will define your current audience by learning which posts your followers share or which posts generate the most click-through rates. Hone your future content to match their interests if you want to gain more followers through shared content and increase sales.

5. Followers Can Receive Deadline Updates

Deadlines are crucial for consumers. They need to know when sales end or limited-time products run out to take advantage of the opportunities at hand. People will likely forget that information after walking out of a store, but your social media content could remind them of upcoming deadlines for short-term promotions.


As you read about how to use a social media calendar for your business, remember to include posts that specifically tell your followers to act before your promotional deadlines arrive. You’ll earn more revenue without paying to mail marketing materials or create commercials to reach your customers at home.

6. Team Members Remain Organized

Brainstorming social media posts won’t happen if your marketing team can’t communicate with each other. They need to clearly define their ideas to establish and follow through on campaigns that improve sales. When they can refer back to a single calendar to get the information they need to brainstorm, they’ll know why their ideas are great and how to explain them based on past post performances.


It’s one of the key benefits of having a social media calendar that business owners and managers sometimes forget, but it’s a critical factor in virtual marketing.

Create an Editorial Calendar Today

Now that you’ve read about the importance of a social media calendar, start one for your business today. Whether you plan ahead and publish the content on your own or have a team schedule the posts, a calendar will become a powerful tool in reaching, understanding and helping your audience while growing your business.


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