The L.E.G.O principle explained

By Emma Saldanha

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Are you wanting to move your next business to the next stage of success in 2017? L.E.G.O can show you how!

You are probably thinking that I am referring to Lego, the construction toy. Well, in part I am as they are the inspiration for this post.

My two sons got a collection of different Lego sets for Christmas, and of course, my husband and myself were set with the task to turn the mountains of bricks into what they resembled on the front of the box.

Surprisingly, though, I quite enjoyed it. If you haven’t played with Lego before, they have come up with the best way to design instructions. All they use is pictures. There are no complex instructions (put brick awb1 onto brick br3n), or no funny pictures of stick men! You are shown what brick you need and where it goes. Simple as that.

So what does Lego have to do with planning a marketing campaign? In theory, not a lot, but by following their simple instruction method, you can turn something that may seem at first daunting into something that is both pleasurable and worthwhile.

The acronym of L.E.G.O stands for:

L – Lay it all out

Break down what it is your business does, what makes it different from others, what benefits people will receive from buying from you. Next, decide what you want to say, who to, where and how.

E- Estimate

How much time and money you are able to put towards the campaign.

G - Get going

Don’t overthink it. The longer you ponder on something the more difficult it seems. At first, take small steps. Don’t go out for a full sprint.

O – Observe

Marketing is similar to cooking, You wouldn’t put a meal in the oven and leave it alone for hours, would you?. You check on it to make sure it is not burning and getting overcooked. The same applies to running a marketing campaign. Once it is started, you must constantly check it to make sure it is giving you the results you want.

Over the next few week’s I will look at each of these points in more detail and highlight useful tools that will help you complete each stage.

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