Time Management Tips for Social Media Managers

By Laura Birch

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Managing social media, especially if you are doing it freelance or for multiple clients, can get overwhelming. There are a ton of moving pieces to keep track of and managing multiple client accounts can quickly get away from you if you aren’t making good use of your time.

What’s more, social media is a constantly growing phenomenon. What started out as just Facebook now includes Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram and various others, with more inevitably coming. With that in mind, below are essential time management tips for social media managers.

Batch Your Tasks

That is to say, handle as many similar tasks at one time as possible in a batch. The alternative is switching back and forth between different tasks, which is antithetical to productivity. This is part of time management 101. You might, for instance, be setting up a bunch of social media posts for the entire week as well as trying to find relevant images to go with each one. If you take care of this singular task all at the same time and then move on to the next, you will work much more efficiently and productively.

Make Use of a Chatbot

If you are managing multiple client accounts, it will likely get to a point where trying to respond manually to every single message on a business's various social media profiles will become impossible. One thing you should do right from the start is to automate your messages with a Facebook messenger chatbot.

These take very little time to create and are capable of handling a wide range of inquiries. If a query is too advanced, then you or someone working for you can take over and provide manual support. It is important for followers and visitors to get prompt answers and responses when they are communicating with a business on social media.

Be Strategic With Your Post Recycling

The vast majority of your social media content will be focused on your new content, but occasionally it makes sense to recycle posts or content that have gotten a lot of traction, shares and engagement in the past. You can tweak the content to be more topical (depending on how old it is), but it is always nice to revert to a favourite in order to give your social media a boost.

The most important thing to keep in mind when recycling content is to make sure that it is evergreen content, which is to say, content that is relevant no matter when you are using it. Date and event-specific content is going to be awkward and poorly received if you try to post it again down the line.

Make Good Use of Automation

To make the most out of any digital role, you need to be on your automation game all the time. Tedious, repetitive, manual tasks are the enemy of a social media manager, and so using things like IFTTT (if this then that) and Zapier will make your life much easier. IFTTT is great for doing things like cross-posting one thing across different social media platforms as well as sending out custom emails if people have queries on Twitter.

Zapier is nice for communication between social media platforms, such as automatically generating a tweet when you post new content on your YouTube or TikTok channels.


Helping people leverage social media to grow their business and online presence can be very rewarding, but it is something that needs to be approached in an organized fashion, or it can quickly get away from you. Keep the above time management tips for social media managers in mind and you will avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and strife.

Laura Birch is a freelance writer covering digital marketing with a focus on building great content. She also writes about social media trends and pets. When she is not writing, she is reading or taking her dogs to the park.



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