Top 10 Hacks to Ace Your SEO Strategies

By Ray O’Donnell

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The world wide web is full of tips, tricks and hacks to resolve the enigma of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an organic form of marketing on different search engines. The ultimate objective of search engine optimization is to get more search leads.

Social media requires significant time investment by experienced marketers. Here are some techniques that will help you drive organic traffic to your website and improve search rankings. 

Social media and SEO are important parts of your digital marketing strategy and you need to focus on each one to get better results for your website.

For this, you need to find out the strength, and weaknesses of your online business website. With SWOT analysis you can find out the answers of what, why, and other for your online business digital marketing strategy.

Here are some best SEO tips that help you get better performance on your website.

1. Link with Relevant Content

The first and foremost step is to get linked to relevant content on other websites. It is very important to link to other blogs. Effective link-building is conducive to growth on the internet. 

Most important, you need to hire an SEO expert who knows the white-label link-building practices. Wrong link-building practices always impact negatively your domain.

Many people think links to other content direct your readers to other websites. And hence, one should refrain from linking. 

However, link building is a smart step to improve your SEO, especially for people who are new on the block. It is necessary to link up to high-quality websites, resources, and blogs. 

This holds true even for websites that compete with your content. When you link up, it sends a positive signal to the readers. Your website becomes a valuable resource. 

2. Remove irrelevant content

The speed of your webpage is one of the important things when it comes to search engine optimization. Earlier, there was no one keeping a tap on slow-loading websites. 

However, in the present age of 5G, there are chances that the target market will not return to your page ever again. Page speed is equally important for search engines. 

However, do not remove all the old content. According to, just because the content is old doesn’t mean it's bad. The best thing to increase the speed of your webpage is to get rid of irrelevant elements. 

If you scrutinize your website, you will realize that there are things that slow down the speed of your website. WordPress users can deactivate plugins that are not required. Consider both the desktop loading time and also mobile loading time of your webpage.  

3. Invite Credible sources for link-building

Inbound links are the fuel that helps run the search engine rankings. Blending dofollow links with nofollow links helps you get an organic link profile - a profile that even Google will love. 

And that is what we desire, right?! The main essence of search engine optimization is creating good content and linking it to authoritative blogs. 

When your content is linked to credible content on other web pages, then the reliability of your webpage shoots up to a considerable extent. 

The strategy for inviting credible sources is to create high-quality content. Reputed blogs automatically attract your site when the content is interesting and engaging. 

4. Publish Unique Content

The biggest challenge that marketers face is producing engaging and exclusive content. Irrespective of the fact that you are a B2B marketer or a B2C one, you have to be organized and punctual in matters of content creation. Fortunately, AI writing tools like BypassGPT offer an effective solution.

Additionally, generating a B2B lead is also important. Since fresh content gets noticed by the audience instantly. Content on the blog is judged based on factors viz: uniqueness and Recency. 

According to, unique content plays an important role in search rankings. Unless and until you are a celebrity, it is difficult for you to get your content liked by hundreds of users the moment you share it. 

It is all the more complex to make readers share your content on social media sites. However, the simple method here is to optimize the score of recency and that happens when content is created using pillars and topic clusters

5. Taking Advantage of the Right Keywords

If you want to get noticed online, you need to be present at the right place at the right time and with the right keywords, especially when it comes to images. Images are quite crucial for the search engine optimization strategy. 

Images drive the audience to the content. Hence, words used to describe the image need to be chosen strategically. 

When search engine users hunt for a specific image, they search with the help of keywords. Search Engine Giants like Google and Microsoft pay more attention to images. Using the right keywords in the image names and related text is very, very important. 

Another most important factor is monitoring the performance of your keywords in the SERPs. You can use the right Google keyword rank tracker tool such as Zutrix rank tracker to know the reality of performance in the SERPs.

However, you should know how much is how much. While adding the right keywords is required, stuffing the content with keywords is a big no. For example, choose service-related keywords such as train split tickets, low fair train tickets, etc. for your split ticket services.

Also, choosing the right keyword in Google ads is a crucial factor that helps you get the maximum ROI for your campaign. You can waste your money if you don't pick the right keywords for your ads.

6. Give Impetus to Social Media

Social media is a vital missing piece of the search engine optimization jigsaw puzzle. It is required of you to concentrate on increasing your social signals. One might argue that Google has not added any kind of social signals into the algorithm factors concerning the ranking.

However, the research tells us that social signals do matter to give a boost to search engine rankings. When your content is shared on Instagram, it gains recognition without much effort. It is also required that popular handles on social media share your content. Ask people to like, share and comment on your content. 

For better social visibility and reach you can even embed Instagram Feed, Facebook, Linkedin etc on your website using social media aggregator tools.

7. Get an Edge with Simple URL Structure

If your audience is not able to read or comprehend your URL, then the chances of it getting noticed by search engines too are quite slim. The URL of your content can be long but it should be simple to understand and remember, not only for the audience but for the search engines as well. Skipping numbers and characters in the URL helps a lot. 

Always remember that the search engines follow the users. As a marketer, you will have to guide the search bots to your content. The trick here is to use as few as two and as high as four words in the URL. 

Such steps will help you ensure that the URL is memorable to the users. It also makes sure that it is search engine friendly and super simple to type. 

8. Avail of the Benefit of Web Analytics

If you do not know the purpose of web analytics, hire freelancers to do it for you. You need specific software that helps in tracking what is working for you and what is not. There are many software development companies for the same.

There are also tools that reveal where the visitors of your website click and the way they drift away from your website. When you have such web analytics for your website, you will know exactly how your website is performing on search engines. 

9. Target Humans and not Search Engines

The first objective of writing content is to make it engaging for humans. If your content does not appeal to humans, it does not matter even if it is the top result of the search engine. The moment one lands on your web page and reads the content, your content should be engaging enough to hold the interest of the audience. 

It is crucial to write content for the users. These users will become the buyers of your product. Search engines, sadly, do not have purchasing power. But the users have. If your content is great, your readers will become your loyal customers. And this is what everything is all about. 

10. Write Meta Descriptions Wisely

Your meta descriptions should be written appropriately. When your content pops up in search engines, the meta description is the first thing visible. Search Engines do not prefer duplicate content.

Duplicacy in meta descriptions will not help you succeed in the long run. Writing unique and engaging meta descriptions will help you get noticed. 

Bonus Tip: Leverage the right Email Marketing Tactics

Use the right email marketing software and templates to pitch the right SEO persons who are engaged in building quality backlinks. Right email tools help you decrease your email ID spam score and deliver the maximum emails to inboxes and automatically increase the email open rate. You can send them personalized emails to make collaboration and in this way, you can build quality links in a faster way.


There is so much information available on the internet, which makes it difficult to find out the credibility of each one. According to, to achieve success in digital marketing, it is important to stay up-to-date with SEO strategies. 

Entrepreneurs and freshers are always on the lookout for the best SEO strategies that will give desired results. These sure-shot strategies for search engine optimization will help you get noticed not only by your audience but also by the search engines.

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