Valuable Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your Social Media Marketing ROI

By Shane Barker

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Social media has become an important channel for every marketer. But that said, some marketers do not get the desired results for the efforts they put into social media.

Why is this?

They do not measure their social media marketing campaigns’ return on investment (ROI).  Failure to measure means that you can’t tell where you stand. It becomes hard to tell which tactics or channels work, and which ones need improving.

This post offers various effective tactics you can use to improve the ROI of your campaigns on social media.

Let’s take a look:

1. Define Your Goals

Why are you using social media?

Do you want to increase awareness, lead generation, or customer retention?

Once you answer this question, then you can define metrics that will help you track success. Some of these KPIs include engagement, reach, leads, etc. However, you must make sure that the metrics align with your goals.

2. Ensure Your Content Resonates with Your Audience

Do you get low engagement with your content on social media?

Then it's likely you are not reaching the right audience with your content.

So, what should you do?

Understand your target audience, what they do online, and type of content they like to engage with.

For example, if you want to write an executive resume, you can write it as per your job industry.

Check out your competitors’ content and that of the influencers in your niche with the most traction.

Which content gets the most engagement? What do they post about?

Doing this will give you clues into the type of content you should post.

You can also use social media listening tools to find your target audiences’ pain points and interests.

And the best part?

Some of these tools also help you plan your posts, identify your best content, generate reports, and optimize campaigns. They include Hootsuite, Khoros Response, Crowdfire, Buffer, etc.

Additionally, you can use video content to get more engagement. Video marketing boosts your campaign ROI positively. Leverage an online video editor tool to make engaging and creative recorded videos.

3. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content impacts the purchase decisions of 79% of consumers. Compare this to 13% impacted by branded content and 8% by influencer content.

Consumers tend to trust other consumers more. Its why they seek out reviews before purchasing products or services.

Sharing images and videos of your customers using your products or services can help you win the trust of your target customers. Although video sharing is a great way but you have to create an engaging video marketing strategy guide. It helps you entice them to purchase, and this can contribute greatly to your ROI. Additionally, you can get the help of a professional photographer after reviewing his well-created photography portfolio and prepared professional visuals for your campaign.

Sharing customers’ content can strengthen relationships as it makes them feel appreciated. If they reshare your posts, you gain more exposure as your customers introduce your products to their friends and followers.

4. Target Customers Through Ads

To boost your social media ROI, you could also harness the power of social media ads. These paid ads give you the opportunity to reach a very specific audience through targeting. 

You can seamlessly define the target audience for your ads based on their demographics, location, and interests. 

And this is where you can leverage a CRM to your advantage. Using it, you can seamlessly import your contacts and get a laser targeted audience or even a lookalike audience on social media.

When a relevant audience sees your ads, they’ll likely engage with them and even take the desired action that you want them to take. This, in turn, will help you drive your social media ROI.

Need more ways to improve the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns?

The infographic below originally published on my blog can help. Check it out for more tips and tactics to boost the ROI of your social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing ROI

                                                 Infographic via

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