Why is Digital Marketing Necessary for Your Mobile App

By Keval Padia

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The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to establish one’s brand presence online so it reaches out to more users through multiple platforms, which would in turn help in increased sales and profit for the company.  It's simply put “digital sales” and the ideal objective is to make end-users buy products or services from your brand/company. 

Emails, social media, and websites are the most common mediums to attain this objective on the internet and with mobile app development, the marketers and sellers have opened up many exciting ways to reach one’s audience. One is receiving more information than ever before making a purchase and brands are always trying to find inventive ways to make the shopping experience more flexible and versatile. 

Brands that come with the unique idea of selling its products with an engaging story makes a long-lasting impression in the digital world. This is achieved through content, infographics, emails, and social media platforms. Nothing goes unnoticed, and if it’s good enough, it becomes a trend-setter that others emulate. We have come a long way from brick and mortar ways of selling things in such a short space of time and digital marketing will be here to dominate indefinitely. From receiving traffic to converting potential users into consumers, there are many techniques and tools one can tweak to their online business profile.     

Here we have listed out 4 critical factors on why digital marketing is critical for your mobile app success. 

#1 Cost-Effective

Many small businesses and startups have to compromise on resources in the beginning until substantial profits are made. In this period and beyond digital marketing is a powerful tool as it could be. Even with a shoestring budget, one has the potential to reach out to its target audience with just the right digital marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing where there is a risk of hidden costs, it’s all about efforts and time management in the digital space. Social media engagement, SEO and content marketing might seem like a slow process, in the beginning, nonetheless is powerful once recognized by the end-users. If the content is engaging, then your target audience will like it and possibly share it with new potential users. You can also give a little boost to your content online through social media advertising and pay-per-click on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

#2 Runs on Trust 

Your brand’s online presence on social media platforms gives consumers a free hand to rate and review your services taking into account the level of experience and the first impressions it makes to the former. Good ratings and review have the potential to convert potential users in no time, therefore it is critical for the mobile app owners to have an online presence and be open to criticism from all the corners of the demographics they have been serving. Twitter is a great example where consumers and brands communicate to resolve conflicts which helps brands build their reputation and creates a strong impression on new consumers which would eventually lead to better conversion rates. Word-of-mouth accounts also shape how the brand and in what manner of light is being perceived by the groups and individuals which makes or breaks its identity. A brand that is trustful and is open to the audience’s criticism performs better than its competitors. Your digital marketing strategy should take into account testimonials, trends, social proof and social media signals from your consumers who have purchased, joined, or availed a product or service marketed by you. 

#3 Builds Brand Reputation 

The ability to attract targeted traffic is what digital marketing is all about. When done right,  your target audience is likely to know about your products, brands, or services and would be willing to buy what you have for them in the store. Blogs, infographics and promo videos (which poured with creativity don’t require large sums of money and could be done in an independent manner) not only scale values of your brand but also creates an image of you being truly receptive and responsive to user’s demands and expectations. Maximize your articles with relevant pictures and charts and in no time you’d see results beyond your expectations.  

Most importantly, delivering on your promises will boost your relationship with your end-users who have more potential to transition into paying customers. It doesn’t take much time for brands to go viral and the right remedy in place, not only opens doors to bigger markets but also secures business growth. 

#4 Increased ROI 

By devising plans, offers, coupons, etc. each fitting to the type or group of users brands boost their conversion rates. This is achieved by robust marketing campaigns through mobile apps, emails, websites and through social media platforms. Even emerging enterprises can tweak their costings to ensure the best budget for their needs in order to impress the users. Web Analytics helps you assess many readings that also highlight whether your conversion rates are optimal enough to go with the strategies you have put into place. For e.g. you mobile app may not be generating as much revenue as you would have hoped for, to tackle this you can switch to email-marketing campaigns to make up for the loss. With analytics, you can easily record and track the behavior of the user and make smart decisions to increase ROI.  


Today's brands not just cater to one geographic audience but cross countries and against competitors on the internet. In this competitive digital environment, digital marketing is a blessing in disguise because it yields results on the basis of efforts put and not on net money spent on marketing. Thanks to Google's algorithm when it comes to climbing up the search engine, emerging brands with the assistance of experienced SEO company can rival established brands and boost their presence with effective digital marketing practices and engaging content. 

About the Author: Keval Padia is the founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a progressive web development company. He loves to craft a web experience that automates business operations. The prospects of future mobile technology entice him to express his views on subjects that he is affiliated with.

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