4 Benefits Of Recruitment Technology For The Candidate

By Rosie Quinn

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There has been a lot of talk recently on how recruitment technology will benefit the hiring professional but what about the candidate? Will the addition of automation in a recruitment strategy affect the candidate and their own personal experience?

Here are 4 key benefits candidates can gain from employers and recruiters introducing technology into their hiring process, whilst ensuring the need for human assistance is not completely eliminated during vital recruitment stages.


Improved candidate and employer relationship

Technology has the capability to make ease of everyday recruitment tasks, such as screening job candidates. Automation can be introduced into a strategy to speed up this process and produce results that are fair and effective. Which can allow the recruiter more time to focus on the communicational side of their profession. However, it is difficult for technology to completely replace the role of the recruiter. As recent research determines that tech is no replacement for human touch within talent acquisition. For the candidate, being able to build a good rapport with the recruiter or potential employer is key to fulfilling and meeting their expectations to ensure a positive candidate experience.

A candidate wants their application to be acknowledged. They want to know that their time and effort applying for a role was not wasted. Through utilising automation in the recruitment process, valuable time is given back to the hiring professional. Therefore, allowing them to re-invest that time back into the candidate to ensure effective communication and a potentially overall improved candidate and employer relationship.


A hiring strategy that's unbiased

Candidates who have previously faced bias, when searching for a job can express their frustrations when their application is dismissed due to factors beyond their control. Fortunately, with the assistance of technology to automate the initial screening process, all applicants are considered and their likelihood to progress further is based on their experience, skills and job compatibility. It has become increasingly difficult to rely on human decision making to evaluate applications fairly on a mass level, as there will always be a risk of an unconscious bias.


A faster and more efficient process

Technology helps streamline hiring to make for a more efficient and effective recruitment process. Whilst this is important for recruiters and HR teams, to save time, money and resources it can also benefit the job seeker. This is because a strategy that ensures all those who applied for the role are considered can increase the probability of making more strategic future hires. Potential great hires are no longer disregarded because a recruiter didn’t have enough time to review their application and instead technology ensures all applicants (good or bad!) are evaluated.

This can ensure the right candidate is hired for the right role. Therefore through an improved quality of hire, employee retention rates may increase and could potentially decrease the risk of new employees leaving a role during the early crucial stages of employment, saving time and money.


Improved candidate experience

Candidates do not enjoy being kept waiting. Once they apply for a job they often expect to hear back from the employer promptly to determine whether or not they were successful in progressing further. Whether this is through an automated email during initial stages or a phone call further into the hiring process, it can ensure a level of communication between candidate and employer. Which is important to help contribute to an overall improved candidate experience. No candidate wants to feel ‘left in the dark’ and if they feel like this, they can easily express their negative thoughts and opinions on the recruitment process, through social media platforms or by writing a negative company review on sites such as Glassdoor.

A positive candidate experience is good for employer brand. It reduces the chances of unsuccessful candidates bad-mouthing the employer and instead encourage them to reapply again in the future for a different role within the same company.


About the Author: Rosie Quinn

Rosie is the Social Media & Marketing Executive for CiiVSOFT and has interest in all things recruitment, hiring and technology. CiiVSOFT is a specialist recruitment software and services business that’s improving recruitment. With solutions that are designed to save time, money and improve the recruitment performance. Find out more here - https://www.ciivsoft.com/ & keep up-to-date with our blog here - https://www.ciivsoft.com/blog/ or follow us on Twitter @CiiVSOFT

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