10 Work-Friendly Christmas Gifts For The Desk Jobber In Your Life

By Susanna Quirke

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Whatever your brand of daily grind, we all need a little light in our working lives now and then. Whether it’s a budding entrepreneur or a telecommuter you’re buying for, there are seasonal gifts out there for everyone.

Bring a smile to your loved one’s face – and efficiency to their ‘deliverables’ catalogue - with our Super Worker Christmas List.


Wake-up light

Struggling out of bed, especially in the dark of winter, can be a trial; as diurnal animals, we're programmed to sleep until daylight. By mimicking the glow of the sunrise with a slowly intensifying light, these handy alarm clocks rouse you from slumber in the most gentle and restful way possible.

There are spennie as well as more cheapo versions, coming with different features such as sound and light colour options. Do some research as to which is best for you.


Comedy sound effects machine

Ever feel like you’re living a real-life episode of Friends? Well, you are now! From applause to canned laughter to a sales-worthy ka-ching, this comedy sound effects machine has it all. For die-hard office jokers only.


Business card holder

You may laugh, but what else is going to keep those Patrick Bateman-worthy ego-boosters in check? Here’s a business card holder that not only comes in flashy silver, but can be personalised with the recipient’s name. Just don’t write anything embarrassing.


Magnetic toy

The ‘ideal executive toy’ – whatever that means – is actually just a bunch of magnetic balls on a plinth. Still, it looks fun and possibly even stress-busting. Build complex shapes and tear down structures as you inevitably misplace these little ragamuffins all over the office floor. Perfect for sales employees who need something to do with their hands on calls.


Ostrich pillow

Boss won’t buy you a Google-style nap pod? No problem. With this innovative insert-and-sleep pillow, you can snuggle up on your desk and escape the office for the land of nod. Perfect for a midday refresh.


Touchscreen gloves

Anyone who’s left the house in the morning with an iPhone in one hand and gloves on the other will know the pain of the chilly commuter. When skipping a track on Spotify involves removing your leathers, who has the time for music?

To solve your touchscreen troubles, clever folks came up with this neat solution. They’ve been around a while but surprisingly few people own these neat little finger-warmers. Don’t let your favourite commuter freeze; treat them to a taste of the good stuff.


Swappable heels

High heels: a businesswoman’s bezzie or a feminist’s foe? Whether it’s a surprise client meeting or just a bad day at the office, we all have those times when we could walk a little taller.

To address the problem, Tanya Heath’s innovative company sells heels and shoes that can be mix-and-matched throughout the day. So you can walk to work in flats, visit your boss in kittens and go to drinks in heels – all without baring your tootsies!


Desktop coffee maker

This year, Caffeine Addicts Anonymous reported a spike in referrals of almost a third. That’s a complete lie – although did you know that 57% of statistics are made up on the spot?

Everyone knows those twice-hourly kitchen visits are just your way of procrastinating. Eliminate excuses with this desktop coffee machine. You’re welcome.


Projection keyboard

Remote worker? Travel a lot? This excellent little gadget will allow you to improvise a keyboard in pretty much any situation imaginable. Connect to your device via Bluetooth or USB and the keyboard does the rest, projecting its QWERTY goodness onto any appropriate flat surface.

Because phones just weren’t designed for report writing.


Exercise gadgets

Lastly, there’s no longer any excuse for being unfit with so many desktop workout gadgets on the market. A combination of the Powerball and Bodyism’s Exercise Band should see your core/arms through the 9-5. As for the rest? Maybe try – I dunno – taking a walk?


Susanna Quirke writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment agency which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and giving out graduate careers advice. To hire graduates or browse graduate jobs London, visit their website.

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