3 Killer Ways to Overcome Your Interview Fears

By Chris Delaney

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As a hypnotherapist I have helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and phobias. My experience has taught me that the 3 biggest fears that humans have are heights, spiders and job interviews/ public speaking.

No wonder people fail job interviews. With high anxiety you are already on the road to failure. This article will teach you 3 killer ways to overcome your interview fears by increasing your confidence

First Killer Ways to Overcome Your Interview Fears  - Think Positive

People with high anxiety, fears and phobias focus on the negative feelings of fears.

This negative focus only increases your interview fears. If you imagine walking into an interview and failing you will feel the associated emotions attached to this imagined experience, if you re-live past embarrassing interview moments you will remember in detail how you felt at the time and if you picture yourself failing in future job interviews you will let you fears control you.

To kill your interview fears, use the mental trick that successful career professionals use - focus on success.

You can only feel one emotion at a time and your thoughts and focus create the emotion. If you use your creative brain and imagine yourself in a job interview, acting confident, creating rapport and delivering the best pitch possible, you will feel positive and confident as your brain represents imagination as real-life, at the emotional level – if you imagine confidence you feel confident.

Second Killer Ways to Overcome Your Interview Fears - Positive Posture

Your mind and body is connected.

Your stance, the way you hold your head and even your facial expressions change the way you feel. You may noticed this when a friend is feeling down. When you meet someone who is sad, depressed or anxious you can see this emotion represented in their body language.

When you are scared do you find that you hug yourself by wrapping your arms around your body, slump your shoulders and lower your head? This is a protective posture. Your negative stance creates negative emotions.

Nervous interviewees will look down and pull invisible threads from their clothing.

To feel confident – stand confident. By changing your posture, hold your head up high, shoulders back, feet stood shoulder width apart and a confident smile on your face, you will naturally start to feel more confident.  

Third Killer Ways to Overcome Your Interview Fears  - Talk Positive

The common trigger for fears and anxiety is our own self –talk. Have you found yourself prior to an interview telling yourself “I will never pass this interview”, “she looks more employable than me”, “I will mess this up”, “I don’t deserve this job”.

It's our own negative self-talk that limits our own ability to perform well in the job interview. If you kill the devil in your head you will kill the anxiety.

To feel confident you need to state an affirmation that you truly believe, over and over again, using a power voice. Your power voice is a loud, strong and confident voice. The tone of the voice, as well as the positive affirmations, tells you brain to make you feel confident,

Successful people in all areas of their lives  use positive self-talk to change their emotional state. You will agree, with a positive state you are more likely to use your confidence to win over the job interview


Chris Delaney is an Interview Coach and author of The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques. Contact Chris on Google+


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