7 Signs You’re Ready to Hire a New Team Member

By Darren McCowan

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Whether you’re a thriving company with international ambitions or a small enterprise hitting a growth spurt – recruitment plays an integral role of any successful business. Fresh minds can rejuvenate your office culture, refuel your idea tank and bring about a whole new level of momentum. Yet, like a risky joke at a wedding, it’s all about timing. Figuring out whether recruiting new people is what your business is in need of takes serious thought.

Dearth new ideas. A need for more manpower – there are various reasons that are valid starting points for recruitment. And knowing these reasons is the difference between risking revenue and tactical upscaling that bodes healthy growth. Here’s what to look out for:

You can’t manage your workload

Is your workload climbing steadily with new business but you’re struggling to keep up? That’s often the precursor for healthy upscaling. Well, if your workload is the right kind.

Before the recruitment process, evaluate the work you’re doing to ensure it conforms to your business model. There’s no point hiring somebody to do work that isn’t tenable in your business trajectory. But, if your increasingly encumbering workload is of the right sort, now’s the time to consider how an additional member can reduce your stress levels.

Non-vital duties are taking too long to do

At times, you may find yourself conquering your workload but noticing a lot of non-essential stuff cropping up and eating into your time. Is administration work, research or another auxiliary task high up on your priority list? Hiring a position that ensures non-urgent tasks are being maintained will allow your workload to focus on more urgent and promising things that have more of an impact on your business’s growth.

However, don’t be too hasty in thinking that a new recruit will allow you to focus on all the ‘good stuff’. It’s important to analyse what a non-vital duty actually is before you can identify whether they’re taking up too much of your time. It’s all relative to your business. For example, working in graphic design would make accounting duties pretty non-vital for business growth, whereas an accounting firm would consider them pretty crucial.

Your skills are suddenly seeming limited

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. There’s always going to be work that you excel at, along with duties that you struggle with. It’s unrealistic to try and be good at everything – or expect others to be good at everything. So when your duties start piling up that are outside of you or your colleagues’ skillset – consider whether a new talent might be the best response.


Will the cost of hiring a new talent be covered (and exceeded) by the R.O.I their ability brings to the business?

Further determine whether it’s more financially appropriate to train a current member of the team instead of hiring another head. But, if training a member does cost more time or money than hiring somebody experienced, then get recruiting.

Things are feeling…stale

A successful business is one that is passionate and excited about the work it does. Prosperity isn’t achieved with sighs and shrugged shoulders. So when the idea of getting stuck in to work doesn’t excite you, or if you’re struggling to find fresh challenges and new insights, a new mind in the equation can work wonders.

If your routine is starting feel a little too engrained and your idea pot has run dry, consider a creative vacancy for somebody who can invigorate the business as well as your colleagues.

Your finances are secure

Profits are always going to be reduced when a new salary gets added to the books. Of course, recruiting properly means that your revenue should only take a short-term hit, but even then – can you take that hit?

Analyse your expenditure: whether its increase in exchange for a new team member is worth it is down to the new business opportunities your new role can create.

You’ve got space and resources to grow

The worst thing you can do is recruit a new employee and realise there’s not enough space or resources to accommodate them. Similar to measuring your financial stability when affected by a new salary, you must determine whether your overheads can fit in another person. Simple things like if you have a desk and a computer for them to more long term necessities like suitable support are crucial. Is your office large enough to comfortably fit in a new addition? Can you provide them with the resources their role needs? If it’s a new position, there might be a variety of tools needed for it to be successful.

Being aware of the growth your office space allows and the financial commitment that new resources dictate is the responsible way to ensure a sound recruitment.

New opportunities are showing

Intelligent businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to fulfil their purpose and promise. No matter what industry you’re in, innovation is what pushes your business into the stratosphere. So of course you’ll always be observing burgeoning techniques and fresh approaches to work. All members of a business should be regularly reviewing the way they’re engaged with their market because there will always be those lightbulb moments where you discover a means of profit that hasn’t been seized yet.

A classic example for this is digital-facing roles. Entire industries have changed due to the role the internet now plays in the planet’s exchange of media and information. Those businesses that recognised the internet’s capacity for innovation last decade are thriving. Don’t believe me? Netflix and Blockbuster both used to rent out DVDs, guess who seized internet video-streaming services first?

So when you identify signs of an untapped opportunity it’s worth considering whether recruiting the right talent can secure that avenue of growth.

If you’re experiencing any these signs, it may be time to start the recruitment process. Hiring a new member of the team should be an important rung on the ladder to bigger and better things for your business – make sure you’ve got the right foot forward!




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