5 essential CV writing rules

By Andrew Fennell

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When you’re looking to land job interviews. It’s essential to know what recruiters and employers want to see in a successful CV. So CV writing service StandOut CV have provided the 5 essential CV writing rules that every candidate should follow to make sure their applications are taken seriously.

Start by ensuring that your CV is narrowly targeted to appeal to a specific set of role-types. If your CV is too broad your CV’s appeal will be weakened. Target one type of role and make sure that your CV only incudes skills and experience that are highly relevant. Ensure that your CV makes a big impact on opening by heading it with a persuasive profile and tailoring it to include the most important requirements for the roles you are applying to. Create a flawless appearance by using professional language throughout your CV and triple checking it for errors – as just one mistake could cause recruiters to start doubting your credibility. Prove your value to employers by including key achievements that have impacted your previous workplaces and quantify their importance by including some impressive facts and figures. Your CV needs to be easy for recruiters to read and digest information so use a clean simple font and break the text up as much as possible. You can also look to further boost your CV and interview-readiness by taking some practice aptitude tests before hitting the job market.

5 essential cv writing rules

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