5 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Find a New Job

By Roxanne Abercrombie

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It’s a disturbing fact, but it’s true: 88% of employees don’t have any passion for their work. In fact, according to a recent employment survey, 58% of employees are in the wrong job altogether. Despite these high (and frankly quite scary!) levels of disengagement, an abiding reluctance to leave a job still exists amongst many working professionals.

Fortunately, if you’re one of the people who dreads Mondays and hates dragging yourself to work every morning, there’s never been a better time to find a new job. The economy is growing, new job opportunities are springing up across every sector and 1/2 of UK businesses are planning to expand their workforce this year. What’s more, in a candidate driven market, employers are prepared to pay top dollar for the best talent.

In a new year full of opportunity, it’s well worth giving serious thought to starting a new chapter in your career. Why be amongst the majority of workers who don’t enjoy their role when you could be starting your next adventure? If you’re not 100% convinced about your role, here’s the 5 tell-tale signs that you should find a new job:


1. You rant about work when you’re not even at work

Now, we all need a bit of a rant from time to time. Venting off steam with colleagues at lunch and complaining about workloads and demands is part and parcel of the ordinary working week. But if it’s reached a stage where you’re moaning about work constantly to friends and family, you’re in trouble.

Not only are you probably boring them to tears, you’re bringing doom and gloom to your social life. If most of your dinner conversations circle around how much you hate your job or what an annoying day you’ve had at the office, it’s time to leave. Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and get out so that you can talk about positive highlights rather than maintaining a steady stream of work-related rage.


2. You’re bored to death rather than full of beans

Unless you’re incredibly fortunate, you’re not going to get a job that keeps you in a state of constant engagement and excitement for the full working day. If, however, you find your eyes regularly glazing over with boredom and a slight drool starting to leak from your slack mouth, you need to find a new job.

You owe it to yourself and your own sanity to work in a role that interests you. You spend too many hours of your life at work to be bored numb there and let’s be honest, checking Facebook every ten minutes isn’t the best way to spend your time on the job.


3. You can’t talk to your colleagues

When it comes to work, we all get by with a little help from our friends, right? It’s your teammates who are there for you when you’re having a bad day and who get you through a particularly tough project. In fact, great colleagues can often be one of the biggest perks of the job. So if you’re in a position where there’s tension within your team, you can’t talk to your colleagues and/or you simply don’t get on, just do a Will Young and leave right now. Life is too short to be stuck around people you dislike every working day of your life.


4. You’re the frog sitting in the boiling water

It’s said that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out straight away. If, though, a frog is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, the frog will start to feel uncomfortable – but not enough to jump out. Rather, it will be unaware of its danger and will boil itself into oblivion.

Take a think: are you a frog in slowly boiling water? If you’re getting gradually more irritable and discontent without even realising it, jump out of the water before you get burnt.


5. You’re stuck in a rut

A job should be about self-development: a continuous, upwards-curving journey that teaches you new things and takes you to new places. It certainly should not be a dead end that offers no progression and doesn’t sharpen your skills.

If your learning curve has hit a trough and your job is offering you no challenges, find one that will! Old ways won’t open new doors and restricted jobs won’t take you to opportunity.


So, is it time for you to find a new job? If you’ve identified with these signs, it probably is. And you know what? That’s really okay. Don’t be stuck in a story you don’t like when you could just as easily turn the page.

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