Why Instagram is Excellent for Growing your Business

By Patrick Panuncillon

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The year 2016 has been very exciting with social media. Various media channels cropped up and became instrumental to growing businesses. One of them is, Instagram.


Probably, some people are way behind in grasping what Instagram is and how it works. Well, I for one have just recently known the unique features Instagram has and how useful this is in growing your business to the hilt. Before we go right ahead to the bottom line of how to use Instagram in our business, allow me to explain the meaning of the word.


What is Instagram?


Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing online coupled with social networking service that lets users take pictures and visuals and share them either publicly or privately. All posts on Instagram can also be shared on other social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.


And just like other social networking sites, Instagram also allows you to have a location on your posts, which is extremely helpful in Google maps marketing.


Let us Review Instagram Stats Compared to Others


Do you know that Instagram has 400 million users who are active right now? Well, you do not know of course! In the US alone, active users run to 64 million, projected to go up to 111 million users in 2019.


Re-echoing comScore's 2015 report on mobile trends, for Instagram alone, users spend 420 minutes. While on the other hand, Forrester Research discovered Instagram users are 58 times more likely to give feedbacks, like, and share what brands are posting than Facebook and Twitter audiences.


In other words, Instagram is an excellent mobile social media platform perfect in reaching out to customers who are interested in buying your brand. In addition, since Instagram allows location service, it will be easier for people to locate your stores, locally and globally. It has been used in Google map marketing by several businesses.


Here are excellent tips how Instagram can grow your business.


1. Open an account in Instagram.


If you would like to use Instagram in business, you should have a separate account solely for this purpose. Bear in mind that marketing is all about viewers and not about your interests. Maximize your presence in Instagram to attract your customers. It is also one key for your business to have online visibility, as it automatically utilizes location services for local maps marketing.


2. Make Sure your Instagram Posts are Creative For Users to Follow


Photos and videos are the "be-all and end-all" on Instagram. Be creative when posting your brand's products and services and optimize them to the fullest. Customers with a "good eye" always notice quality pictures and visuals and share them with friends. It would generate more followers and later be converted to buyers if you did the correct display in your app.


3.Reach Out For A Larger Instagram Followers


Although you have creative posts on Instagram, you need to conceptualize an effective strategy for Instagram followers to start following your posts. Here are some ways to this.


Include Hashtags To Widen Visibility


With thousands of posts filling users' feeds on Instagram every day, your posts tend to get buried, and there is a possibility your post will not reach your target audience. The hashtag is the only way to extend the life of your posts because Hashtags lump your post into groups linking to a keyword that will discover your post for life. You can also add a hashtag for your business address which helps best on your maps marketing efforts.


4. Bolster Engagement on Instagram To Solidify Relationships With Customers


Here's how to intensify your engagement!


Write captions that are inviting and accentuate the photos that you post on Instagram. Have a good practice of art caption writing. Captions should be in short sentences, not too long that users will not read them anymore and pass on by. Be straightforward and interesting to catch attention, make them think and encourage them to participate.


Contests can jumpstart Instagram engagement. You might ask what competition can do to your business. Well, a lot of things. You earn a significant number of followers, increases communication, and reward customers who are loyal to your brand.


Reply to notifications and shout out to users. Do not leave conversations hanging in the air. Respond to all their comments, thank followers and be proactive in following and liking other users feeds, this way, you gather more engagements along the way. It would also be a plus if you employ marketing maps strategies such as adding your business location to your signature to drive more visits in your local stores.


5. Measure Your Success on Instagram To Grow More


You can strengthen and gain the loyalty of customers by looking at your metrics of success and make it your platform or guide in doing more research regarding your audiences, their style, personal interests, etc. If you can generate data that conforms with what they want to buy in the future, 99 percent sure your business will soar up like no other.

What does our team do?

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