7 Podcasts That Will Help With Your Job Search

By Sarah Landrum

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Sometimes hearing the right words can turn your life around. The problem is, sometimes you might not have time to hear them. It's hard to actively seek out motivation when you're stuck in the workweek — chugging lattes, sitting in traffic or dealing with annoying coworkers.

You probably have your own strategies for dealing with life in the workplace, but consider a new weapon to add to your arsenal: podcasts.

They can fit easily into your life — while you're in the office, driving to and from work or simply looking for a quick energy boost.

You may not be a podcast person just yet, but there's a podcast for everyone — and once you find yours, you'll be hooked. Here are some to help you get started:

“The Charged Life” With Brendon Burchard

Mr. Burchard is an accomplished online performance coach and best-selling author. Thousands of people have turned to his advice on leading an energized, passionate life — now you can, too.

He's an expert on tapping into the part of us that makes us feel alive. Burchard's podcasts are like a jolt of natural caffeine — giving you the motivation you need to live a "charged life".

This podcast can be especially helpful when you're traveling for a long time or in rush hour traffic. Studies have shown that both of these stressful activities can spike your blood pressure, but listening to podcasts like this one can keep you cool. Let Brendon help charge you up the right way.

“This Is Your Life” With Michael Hyatt

A bunch of people would write in to Michael Hyatt, saying he was like a "virtual mentor" to them. He has now fully embraced this persona, helping people succeed in the workplace and life in general.

Common topics on his podcast include personal development, productivity and leadership. These may sound like broad topics, but they will help you with small things like enjoying mornings and saying no without feeling guilty.

If you can think of a challenge you're facing in your career right now, there's an episode of Hyatt's podcast for that.

“Job Search Boot Camp Show”

Remember those career seminars though the career center at your college? It's okay if you skipped out on them. “Job Search Boot Camp Show” is like one of those seminars, but you can listen to it whenever you want.

Career experts Angela Loeb and Jay Markunas host the show. Common discussion topics include crafting effective resumes, being productive in your job search, navigating phone interviews, negotiating salaries and more.

The podcast is live on the first and third Saturday of the month.

“Accidental Creative”

This weekly podcast focuses on the little things in life that matter, such as actually getting stuff done, how small actions have big power and how to make your job count.

It was founded by Todd Henry — he's an author who helps people unlock creative insight. If you're looking to take steps towards being a more "brilliant" person, try this podcast out.

“Graduate Job Podcast”

The pressure is on when you're a semester out from graduating college and haven't received any job offers yet. It can be especially taxing if you're unable to live at home for a while or you don't have a part-time job to fall back on.

James Curran, the host of “Graduate Job Podcast”, understands the struggles of soon-to-be and recent grads. He created the podcast to help "bridge the gap" between what employers expected from applicants and the standards of applicants. This podcast explores the skills applicants need to land jobs, as well as figure out what job is right for them. James speaks to authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs and recruiters who have advice that will give you the edge when job hunting.

Sick of shot-gunning resumes out into the abyss of the Internet? Tired of spending four hours submitting job applications and getting no response? This podcast is designed for you.

“Good Life Project”

All of these podcasts offer some great information for job seekers, but hearing people blab about careers all day can get repetitive and tedious. Luckily, there are podcasts like “Good Life Project”, also known as GLP, that offer stories and advice that you can apply to your career goals.

Members of the GLP come from all occupations and lifestyles. They invite you to find inspiration in the many conversations and ideas that form their organization. They want you to start the quest to a great life and feeling alive.


Are you a fan of "The Twilight Zone”? “Invisibilia” is "The Twilight Zone" for your ears to enjoy. Below the stories that dig into your deepest thoughts, there are lessons to learn in behaviors, needs and emotions.

The podcast, hosted by a trio of seasoned NPR journalists, is currently in its second season — so there's still time to catch up. The first season explored humanity’s dark thoughts, and how they shape wishes, fears and actions. The second season focuses on how everyday objects shape our well-being and worldviews.

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary to heal your career soul-searching, this podcast may be the solution.

Podcasts can help hack your commute and make you, and your workweek, more inspired and fulfilled. Explore a few — some of them might give you the advice you need to hear or the spark you need to be interested in your next step in life. 


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