7 Secrets to Attracting Recruiters to Your Linkedin Profile

By Shahid Wazed

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If you're not getting inMails or phone calls from recruiters, then you may want to pay attention to this article.

Gone are days when you need to apply for jobs.

Now jobs come to you when you know how to attract recruiters to your Linkedin profile!

Let me share seven secrets to attracting recruiters to your Linkedin profile starting today.

1) Know How Boolean Search Works

Did you know recruiters use boolean search to pull up relevant Linkedin profiles every day?

Let's say a recruiter is looking for a Financial Accountant with CGA designation who has experience in financial reporting.

The following is a boolean search string a recruiter may plug in at the backend of Linkedin to pull up relevant profiles:

("Financial Accountant") AND (CGA) AND ("Financial Reporting")

Now if you're a financial accountant with that background and I run this search on Linkedin right now, will I find you on the 1st page of my search?

If not, then you got some work to do on your Linkedin profile.

Sprinkle these three keywords (Financial Accountant, CGA, and Financial Reporting) in the following sections of your Linkedin profile to see immediate results:

  • Headline right below your name
  • Summary section
  • Job titles and descriptions
  • Education
  • Skills

Action Steps:

  • Review job postings you want to compete for in the near future
  • Pick two to three keywords recruiters will use to pull up relevant Linkedin profiles
  • Sprinkle those keywords throughout your Linkedin profile so you rank high in search.

2) Tell Recruiters Who You Are

Don't waste recruiters time by making them guess who you are.

Use your headline right below your name to communicate who you are.

Make sure to use one or more of your keywords as you introduce yourself.

This is where you make your first impression.

So make it count!

3) Wow Recruiters With Your Summary

Write in first person if possible.

Summary is the most important section of your Linkedin profile so make sure to spend some time to write it well.

You can use the following template to get started if you want to:

( Linkedin Summary Template )

I'm a certified (insert one of your keywords here) with x years of experience in (insert one of your keywords here).

My expertise lies in (insert your keywords here) developed through (mention how you developed your expertise).

Proficient in: (list any software, especially relevant ones that you're proficient in).

( End of Summary Template )

Feel free to modify the template mentioned above but that should give recruiters what they look for and at the same time, rank your Linkedin profile high so recruiters can find you in the first place!

4) Validate Your Linkedin Profile

Validate your Linkedin profile by getting solid recommendations from people who have worked with you in the past in some capacity.

If you claim you have outstanding financial reporting experience, it better be validated by stellar recommendations from your supervisors (past and present) and peers mentioning that expertise of yours when they recommend you on Linkedin!

5) Quantify Your Results

Make sure to quantify your results under experience section for your current role and for every job you had in the past if possible.

Don't just say: you saved the organization money.

Be specific.

Mention how much.

For example. Saved my company $25,000 by XYZ.

6) Establish Thought Leadership

Start writing articles on your topic of expertise through Linkedin's publishing platform.

Establish thought leadership through writing high quality articles your readers / peers can benefit from right now.

Show recruiters you're an authority on your topic and you'll never have to worry about your next job!!

7) Engage with Recruiters on Linkedin Groups

Join industry or job specific groups on Linkedin.

You'll find many recruiters hang out on those groups sharing jobs and at times posting content related to your industry or the jobs they're recruiting for.

So when you find a recruiter share a piece of educational content via a Linkedin group, do the following:

  • Read the piece of content
  • Make a thoughtful comment
  • Follow the recruiter's activities

Once you do this couple of times, the recruiter will start to notice you on that group and may very well reach out to you if there's a relevant job you may be qualified for.

On the other hand, you may also reach out to that recruiter via that Linkedin group after you had few interactions through comment section.

Did you know group members can send messages to each other without being connected to one another?

As you may not be connected to the recruiter you want to reach out to on Linkedin, this is your chance to send a direct message to the recruiter via Linkedin groups.

Don't make it cold though.

Take few days to interact with recruiters on groups before you send them a message!

Now what do you say in your reply to recruiters when they reach out to you via Linkedin to guarantee that job interview?

I've tested this for the last two years and in the process developed proven email templates that work!

Click here to get instant access to my proven email templates!

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Thank you!!



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