8 Ingredients for Job Search Success

By JobTonic

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job search successFinding a job is a lot like baking a cake. You may find success if you have some ingredients, but when you have everything an employer wants, you’ll be an irresistible hire. There are 8 ingredients for job search success that can be applied to all job openings.

When you’re looking through JobTonic to find your next job, make sure you’re following these 8 tips:

1.     Display the Right Skills

To be the right candidate for the job, you need to display the skills employers are searching for right now. This can be done by scouring current job listings and noting the common requirements listed.

These requirements will enable you to refine your skillset and add them to your resume.

2.     Be Searchable

Online searches are becoming a major tool for employers. You want to change all of your online profiles to include the “keywords” employers are looking for online. Also, make sure to update any old terminology along the way.

3.     Know Your Strengths

Everyone has their own strengths and abilities. You’ll need to stand out in a crowd of other potential hires. Being unique requires that you know your unique benefits and are able to convey them in your resume and during an interview.

4.     Make Relevant LinkedIn Changes

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be filled out 100% and also match your resume. Employers are turning to LinkedIn to further research potential hires. You’ll want your LinkedIn profile to highlight the in-demand skills listed on your resume as well as some of your unique traits.

Remember, you’re online profiles are an extension of you.

5.     Setup Alerts

You want to be the first to reply to job openings. You can setup Google Alerts as well as alerts through job search sites to be updated on current trends, developments and possible job opportunities.

6.     Start Networking

Many people stop networking once they land a job. This is a big mistake. You want to brand yourself in your industry and network while you have a job and when you’re looking to land a job.

Connect with people on social media, go to local meet up groups and start reaching out to other professionals at conferences and events. This will allow you to find a job faster and maybe even find better paying jobs in the future.

If you don’t have a job, you should also attend job fairs as part of your overall networking efforts.

7.     Get Recommendations

You want people to endorse you. When a hiring manager goes to contact potential references, they want to be “wowed.” You need to ask people for testimonials on your work skills. Everyone from past coworkers to bosses and clients will be able to make you an irresistible asset to a potential employer.

8.     Research Yourself Online

Through the years, we’ve all said and done stupid things online. Photos of you drinking alcohol or your personal opinions on touchy subjects may still be out there for people to see online. You should be Googling yourself to see what past information you’ll discover online.

If you do find any information that you don’t want to be public, log into old accounts and remove it, or ask website owners to remove the page.

With a little persistence, you’ll be able to increase your chances of becoming an asset that employers must hire.

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