A word on CV templates: Don’t use a template

By Graeme Jordan (CV Writer / Interview Coach / professional Marketer)

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If you have found a template online then how many other people do you think have found the same one? How many times do you think the reader has seen that template before?


If the purpose of the CV is to enable you to stand out so that you get noticed, then why start with a document that does exactly the opposite?


If the format is restrictive then you need to get a new format.


The absolute worst one I’ve seen is a common European format which is completely ineffective (in my opinion) as it is very repetitive and list based, with lots of headings and leaves little room for providing the kind of detail that employers really want.


The alternative that I would suggest is just to write down some main headings, get writing some effective content and then edit. Then come back to it a day later and edit again. Do this a few times over a week or two and you will arrive at the right result.


If you happen to have used a template, I would literally start again with a fresh document and use the existing CV for reference. Think about what you achieved within each of your jobs and you will find you have a completely different result.


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Graeme Jordan is a CV Writer and Interview Coach who helps candidates at all levels in a range of industries to get interviews and get selected. See more at www.GraemeJordanCV.com

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