Jobs Abroad: The Obstacles And Strategies To Tackle Them!

By Aman Khare

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Many of us have dreamed of having a job abroad, similar to wanting to move to bigger and better cities and metropolitans. Partially due to a better life and lifestyle and partially due to the better job prospects these places and markets provide. But it isn't exactly a possibility when it comes to career and life due to many factors. These factors aren't always predictable but the reasons behind them are rooted in some basic problems. 

But before we introduce and try to solve the problems with jobs abroad, there is an important aspect that decides everything in the first step itself. The scope of finding work in different industries, the demand for global talents, and the career growth options, these are the most important of them. They define the risks and returns and everything in between.

From the recent trends of 2018, here is a much-generalized overview of the industrial demands in jobs abroad, or shall we say, global job markets:

IT - Software Industry

While outsourcing is a common practice in the global IT market, a lot of new startups and big corporations prefer to hire IT professionals for their core projects. India is one of the biggest hosts of IT professionals with a reputation, thus the IT industry opens many doors for jobs abroad. US and Canada are the biggest playgrounds in the industry with Japan and European countries lining up after them which opens multiple job prospects for IT talent.

Mechanical Engineering

With a very broad spectrum of industrial needs, mechanical engineers are needed throughout the world. From automobiles to giant machine manufacturers, aviation, and even oil and gas industry, mechanical engineers are needed in multiple domains. From the Americas to Gulf and especially several European countries have a high demand for mechanical engineers and thus, high paying and exciting jobs abroad are available in the domain.

Finance and Banking

Among the service sector, finance and banking are one of the most open industry for global employment. European and American markets are the most welcoming of all.  The jobs abroad in finance and banking are ample and very rewarding. Although, the hiring criterion is higher than the former.

Research and Development

Probably the only industry which has the highest affinity for global talent, especially south-east Asian. Also, it has never been a dry well for the truly talented. Though the requirements to work on research and development are high, the pay and other benefits are equally high. The most important point to consider is the fact that it is carried by public/private organizations and governmental agencies alike which opens even more prospects in R&D.

Apart from these, almost every industry has jobs abroad but the trends and requirements for global talent are generally low. Also, due to digital technologies, outsourcing and off-shore operations becoming simpler, this has reduced job prospects abroad (where migration is involved) in many industries. Although, a career in these industries and corporations can still get you a job abroad.

However, as is the case with almost all jobs, the obstacles faced when searching for jobs abroad are unique in their own sense. Irrespective of the industry and profile, the most common and the biggest obstacles are:

Finding THE job

One of the least known facts about the job search is that 70-80% jobs never make it to public channels. The hiring takes place in the closed community of institutions, referral network, and industry connections. These jobs come out regularly and set high criteria for filling up. While the criteria are high, more talented individuals are more often missed out due to the closed nature of connecting with them.

Migration Policies

Migration and foreign policies of different countries regarding work-related migration differ and change unpredictably with the change in governmental roles and perspectives. With many factors involved, these policies often restrict/limit (incoming) migration for work and change with economics and politics of the country. This often raises the bar for finding jobs abroad on the academic, experience, and the skillset side.

These two are the major factors contributing to the challenges of finding a job abroad. 

However, it is certainly not impossible, people are successful in securing them all the time. But how they do it, or rather say, what makes them surpass the difficulties of getting a job is important to understand. Knowingly or unknowingly, these are the strategic undertakings they fulfil and beat the competition:

Selection of Industry

The selection of industry is the most important decisions one makes. Although most industries host jobs and are open to global talents, the industry that is growing faster is bound to offer better prospects and lesser competitions. Also, specialization in a particular position which is trending can boost the chances even further. However, if you work on your expertise and experience, every industry has a place for you but this process may take time and effort. Also, selection of educational institution impacts the prospects too.

Networking and Referrals

Networking among professional is an established quintessential step in a job search. While searching for jobs abroad, it becomes even more relevant. This can be achieved through connections and engagement with industry experts through events, conferences, and alumni as well. It tackles both the above problems It provides information about jobs and opportunities that open up in closed networks; it helps build contacts that may eventually earn you a referral. With referrals, even migration becomes easier.

Channelled Migration

Another way to open your own job prospects abroad is to work on opportunities accordingly and channelize your career and work. This is especially recommended for individuals in a competitive industry, transitioning industries, or in the initial stages of their career. Starting from early stages, one can opt for foreign education in reputable institutes to open job prospects in that market. In later stages, one can direct careers into organizations which open opportunities for abroad jobs to performing individuals. Also, working abroad in one country can also ease getting a job in another. Also, working on government and related social or developmental projects is another option to explore.

And there may be other ways to get yourself the specific opportunities depending on the economics and trends of your particular industry and the dynamics of your profile. It is imperative to analyze the markets and trends and keep a tab on them to eventually succeed in your endeavours. 


Author Bio: Aman Khare

Aman is a writer at his core, currently working with with interests in job markets and data-driven insights. He has written a lot on job search and trends on the sideline and invites everyone to test his tips and tricks to help improve upon them, so do shoot a message.

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