Common Job Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Mary Johnson

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We all know that nowadays in today's tough economy finding a job is no easy feat. However, if like many job seekers you have now been searching for months or even years with no positive results, you may well be committing one, if not a number, of the following common job search mistakes. Read this article to learn how to avoid the most significant errors made by job seekers of all ages around the globe today, and increase your chances of finding yourself a great job as soon as possible even in today's challenging economy.


Focus is Key

Although it may be true that you have the skill set to do a vast variety of jobs, it is important to focus your search on just a few different positions at a time. You may think that by applying for twenty varied jobs a day will increase your chances, however this is not always the case. Focus on what you do best and use your past work experience to your advantage.

Keep Track of Your Applications

Don't loose track of job applications you send out. Make a list and don't forget to send a reminder if you don't hear back from the company where you are applying. Emails may get lost in spam, in this way you can make sure your potential employers have received your resume.

Avoid Mismatches

If you are applying for a specific position you must ensure that your CV is tailored towards that specific sector. You need to alter you CV depending on the type of the job you are applying for. Therefore you need to highlight any relevant information and remove anything irrelevant from your particular application.

Networking Can Increase Your Chances

Don't neglect the power of the Internet. In today's society using the Internet to develop, expand and nurture your online network can greatly increase your chances of making great connections and consequently, getting a job. Social networking is also a excellent way to market yourself. Start by setting up a LinkedIn account, and use it in order to aid your job search.

Broaden Your Methods

Of course looking for job offers online is a great way to locate a suitable position, but it is also one of the most competitive ways. Visit places that interest you and ask if you can leave your CV and remember to exploit online networking.

Self Confidence

Be confident, if you don't believe in yourself nobody will. You must recognise your individual skills and qualities and these must be evident in your CV.

Prepare Before the Interview

It is essential that you prepare for your job interview. Try to find as much information as possible about the company before going in for an interview. This will help you to feel more confident when discussing company's objectives and how you can chip in.

By avoiding these common mistakes you will significantly increase your chances of getting a job. You must however remember to stay positive as there is a great deal of competition in today's dwindling economy. Be patient and do not give up! Start your job search today by browsing through Good luck!


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