Do You Have a Career Insurance Policy?

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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Investing in home insurance and life insurance provides a feeling of comfort. In each case, you have intentionally put a plan in place to safeguard you or your loved ones in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Why not apply the same strategy to your career and create your own career insurance policy so when the inevitable occurs and you find yourself in career transition, you have a plan to put into effect.

A career insurance policy would consist of two key elements: a current resume and persistent networking.

In my 21 years of crafting resumes, the #1 challenge for all my clients is trying to recall career accomplishments. Unfortunately, people tend to avoid keeping an ongoing brag book of achievements or performing an annual review and update of their resume until they are forced to seek a new job.

Update your resume annually with recent achievements while the data is fresh, easy to recall and often still readily accessible. In doing so, you have created Part I of your career insurance policy – a compelling and resonating resume ready for immediate distribution when the pink slip arrives.

Part II of your career insurance policy centres upon networking while gainfully employed. As mentioned in my blog, recruiters, career coaches, peers, and other career influencers don’t want to just hear from you when you’re unemployed; they also like to share in your career successes. Share updates with your existing connections every four months or so. Continually build your network of influence by meeting two to three new people every day, both online and in-person. Investing in a few minutes of ongoing networking daily expands your network of influence and enhances your credibility. This small daily effort reaps huge rewards as, once in career transition, you have a vast network of trusted allies at the ready to help you secure your next career challenge.

A career insurance policy is a worthy investment as it protects you from lingering in career transition longer than necessary. There is comfort in knowing you have an action plan ready to be activated the minute you’re faced with a job search.


Martin Buckland, Principal of Elite Resumes, is one of Canada’s leading authorities on highly effective resume writing, high impact cover letters, successful job-search strategies, executive coaching, personal branding, interview tutoring and social media career strategies.

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