Employers Want To Screen You Out, Not In!

By One2One Resumes

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Employers want to screen you out, not in!

Understanding this simple fact will help you significantly as you prepare your resume.

Imagine for a moment you are an employer:

You’ve got a busy job as it is and someone has resigned from your team and you need to find a replacement.

You advertise and within minutes of the advert being uploaded, your inbox is filling up with applications.

The longer the advert remains open the more responses you receive. And then you sit down to review them.

You’re overwhelmed.

Your other duties don’t stop because you have to do this so you try to squeeze time in to do it.

You might start out trying to carefully review each resume but it takes time.

The more time ticks by the faster you become at reviewing them.

You quickly realise that some people don’t even meet your criteria for the role. What a waste a time!

You start screening them more quickly – you’ve got to get through these. ‘I need someone and I have a deadline’, you think to yourself.

You start being brutal – quick look to see if they meet the criteria:

Yes – put that aside for a careful review;

No – straight into the ‘rejection’ pile.

Not as easy as it seems, is it? So how do you get yourself in the yes or maybe pile?

Write a resume that answers the advert and is presented in a clean, clear and easy-to-read format.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Want to a know a secret though — many, many jobseekers don’t. In fact the majority don’t.

Never, ever assume employers will know you meet the criteria, will know from a job title exactly what you’ve done – don’t assume anything!

Imagine that busy and overwhelmed employer looking at a pile of resumes that are missing the mark and don’t tell him/her what they need. Then along comes your resume, presented in a great format, easy to read and clearly highlighting information from the advertisement, that shows them how you meet their criteria – you’ve just significantly increased your chances of gaining an interview.

Think about this the next time you respond to an advertisement – it can mean the difference between an interview and ‘thanks but no thanks’ letter.



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