Ensuring a Great Candidate Experience in High-Volume Recruiting

By Aida Fazylova

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As of recent, the term “Candidate Experience” has become a bit of a buzzword in the wonderful world of HR. After all, it’s a candidate’s world, and we’re just working in it. As we see the job market shift in the candidate’s favour, we, as employers, need to dive deep into our recruiting process to make sure that they are enjoying their experience with the company from the very beginning.

Although this doesn’t seem like such a hard task when you’re hiring a couple new hires a month, this task is daunting when you’re looking to hire in mass. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite tips on how to ensure a great candidate experience in high-volume recruiting.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Is it no secret? — ?candidates talk. But do you know what are they saying about your company’s recruitment process? Build a Candidate Experience worthy of praise by keeping it simple, leaving communication open and being transparent. When your new candidates leave your office, they’ll share the positivity they felt throughout your experience. If you create this for one, you can replicate if for many.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Automation is key to a quick and easy recruiting process. This is especially true in a high-volume recruiting situation.

Without automation, your Human Resources department is sifting through hundreds of candidates’ resumes, constantly emailing and calling applicants trying to decide if they should come in for an interview and sitting through interview after interview looking for the perfect fit. Although we like to think that HR departments are filled with superheroes, these hard workers are not invincible.

In a high-volume situation, even the best of the best are sure to feel a bit burnt out. By automating the repetitive tasks, you can save your employee’s energy for the important human aspects of the recruiting process. Plus, by using a consistent process, you can evaluate your candidates with less personal bias and identify points of potential pain for candidates.

Keep It Personal

Automation is one heck of a game-changer, especially when hiring applicants in mass. By using the same exact process for each prospect, you’re able to see your candidates on a level playing field. This ultimately makes your hiring choice easier than if you asked each candidate different questions.

Although we firmly believe that automation saves time, cuts costs and maintains consistency, there is one step in the recruitment process that should be personal?—?the offer. Keep your Candidate Experience going strong by creating an exciting, easy to read offer specific to each candidate.

Ask and You Shall Receive

With the Candidate Experience playing such a big role in recruiting and hiring, be sure to take notes on what candidates are raving about and what candidates could do without. Send an automated survey to all of your candidates, those you choose to extend an offer to and those you sent a rejection letter to, to gauge the positives and negatives in your process.

Keep this anonymous to ensure accurate results. Take these notes to heart as these are the individuals who have been through your process on the candidate side, not the employer side. If possible, implement their suggested changes to help your company improve.

High-volume recruiting comes with pressure. You’re looking for the very best talent with one big catch?—?you need them in mass. The pressure is certainly on during high-volume recruiting situations, and your HR department can feel it without having to worry about the impacts of the Candidate Experience.

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