Expert Interview with Joey Trebif

By Cheryl Morgan

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As the head of Career Alley, Joey Trebif is on the cutting edge of how we find jobs and how employers find us. He was kind enough to bring his expertise to us on the topic of how social media has changed the way we find both jobs and candidates for these positions.

How has the job search changed in recent years?

Mobile apps are becoming more popular, and I believe this trend will continue. Younger job searchers are more comfortable with online chats and video chats. I think video interviews via Skype may trend to replace today's preliminary telephone interviews. Additionally, the ease of submitting resumes for numerous jobs has significantly increased the volume of resumes that must be reviewed. Hiring managers and recruiters will need to resort to scans of resumes, focusing only on those candidates whose experience matches employers' needs.

What has the impact of social media been when it comes to finding a job?

Social media has had a huge impact on the job search. In terms of resources, LinkedIn is (without a doubt) one of the most important job search tools today. This is true for hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers. Social media can also have a negative impact for job searchers if inappropriate comments and pictures are posted on sites like Facebook. Most employers do a social network background check on job candidates, and some employers now ask for direct access to candidates' sites (such as your Facebook logon credentials).

How can companies better leverage social networks to find the candidates they need?

Most mid-size and large companies spend large amounts of money on recruiters when they could easily minimize the cost by leveraging social media. Again, LinkedIn is a perfect example; but Facebook and Twitter have become popular for job searching as well. While recruiters are important for specialized and focused searches (especially for senior level positions), social media can provide similar results with a little more effort (and a lot less cost).

Should employers ask their employees to reach out through their social networks, or is it better to stick to the "official" social presence - and why?

There is no better recommendation than referrals from employees in terms of sourcing job search candidates. I think that employers should leverage the vast social networks of their employees when conducting a job search. This can be accomplished in many ways, but a referral bonus works well and can be structured in a way to make it beneficial for the employee and the employer.

What should employers be aware of when headhunting on social media?

That partly depends on whether or not the search is confidential and how diligent the employer is in "advertising" the position internally. An open internal recruiting process (posting jobs internally before seeking outside candidates) works well. Even if the employer does not think there are qualified internal candidates, it is a better approach to post and interview internally before advertising via social media. The other issue to consider is the volume of responses the employer is likely to get when using social media. Posting new positions via social media for short periods of time can help prevent an influx of hundreds (or thousands) of submitted resumes.

What changes will social media bring to the job hunt in the future?

As a follow-up to "how has job search changed," I think that job seekers will focus more on leveraging their mobile apps/devices and minimizing the "older" traditional job search methods (job search boards and recruiters). In the not too distant past, LinkedIn was just about the only real job search social media site. This has changed over the last two years as the more popular social media sites look for ways to expand their revenue and user base. I think that social media will become much more sophisticated in leveraging their platforms for job searches and job seekers. Most recent high school and college graduates feel more comfortable with their mobile devices than traditional interpersonal communication. I believe that social media sites will capitalize on this trend in the very near future.

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