How to Boost Your Business and Market Your Brand on a Limited Budget

By Saman Fatima

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Businesses are meant to generate profit. That profit goal calls for marketing, however often companies lack the budget to market on a huge scale. There is a general conception that marketing has to consume a lot of funds which is not the case always depending on the methods used.

One among the things that get sacrificed in the name of branding is the budget to market because it is considered as one of the most challenging aspects of business operations. While for any business to gain success, this part is of equal importance as any other business endeavors as any part of the business may run without it but can get you the achievable profit and reputation.

A company/ start-up needs to work on the principle of equity with the various departments it holds because it is all bits that make up a company and not a singular focused approach.

It is more about how you keep a balance in all the company activities and prioritize what is more important. But the utmost fact here is that unless you possess a sizable budget for every operation of your company, you will want to know the best strategies to market the brand in the lowest most budget.

And here are a few strategies that might help you achieve your company's marketing approach with lesser capital.

Online Presence:

Creating and maintaining an online presence is as much important for any business as any other business promoting acts. For any business, the first step is awareness to bring it to market, since unless people know of it, it cannot help you achieve anything but remaining on the same page for long intervals of time.

You may ensure an online presence through a website or a company webpage. That will educate the public and concerned business vendors on what, how and why of your work, bringing in more chances your business flow in the market that leads to referential promotions too if the work delivered is to the mark.

However, not all page visitors are there to offer you something or are looking for any services but it may help for future work prospects and promotion.

This demands content that is professional, educational and engaging, so make sure it is written and maintained by an experienced professional.

Make a difference:

Every business has an inspiration and a story to tell. It is understood that there is so much of interconnectedness that nothing in the world seems unique. However, there are still the prospects since no one can replicate something 100%, there remains a spark in your business idea and operations as compared to any other company be it about the same product that a company might be selling.

It requires all that is to think of the same idea have something as an inspiration and tell that story through your online presence in a way that it connects you to the public. A sense of connection is very much important in the present mode of business again due to the same reason of influx of information and availability of everything just everywhere. The only way you can achieve good branding is by selling yourself in a way that it appears unique and buyable to others. Thus, connect with your target audience through your aspirations and emotions.

Network a lot:

With the advent of information technology, the globe became more interconnected particularly through the medium of social media while more and more people are joining in every second. Just the way people connect with each other through social media, it is more likely that they would be looking for a business through social media as well and can become your potential customers.

However, this is one of the best ways to brand yourself when the question is about the budget since it’s all free!

You can start networking by creating the business profiles on famous platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whereas, if the work relates to engaging with public/customers through infographics and visual ads, you may choose Instagram in addition. What brings uniqueness in this is the way of interaction with each platform is different and they have different responses to which you may target as per the required group rather than wasting energy on all platforms with no target responses. These platforms not only provide the customers with a quick access to business operations while managing it remotely, but it also allows the businesses to have a global reach in a minimal budget.

But one thing to ensure here is to give correct business information in order for the customers to reach you and be readily available to address any concerns. This calls for a good customer service as well since keeping a connection is as important as building it for any business.

This strategy not only works for promoting your business but can also help you recruit(rekruttering) talent(employees) remotely that might not be available locally at a lower cost while providing efficient work at the same time.

Market through e-mails:

Another very effective way to market your business is through emails. Often people consider this as a costly act, however, there are tricks you may adopt to make it less costly. Generally marketing emails over the number of 100 cost a business, however, the trick is to make emails within the limit of 100 recipients per day that remains free of cost while doing the job in a few more days but at no cost to you. More often, now there are software's available that help you with digital marketing through emails and its tactics.

Social Media Advertisement:

Another low-budget business strategy in order to boost your business is of using social media advertising for your brand/company. This includes the launching of ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram etc. However, this method might cost you a few bucks since it is paid. This method of advertisement may cost a little but gives maximum exposure to the ads published. This step not only adds up to the other promotional activities you carry out but also is a good way to see results in shorter time-period at a low cost.

Retain the efforts:

Now that you have made an effort to promote your business and it is turning out in favor, you ought to retain the good reputation and name through a better customer service. Without having good people to deal with your clients/customers no reputation can stand for long. Therefore, in order to have future prospects, this needs to be given great attention.

A business that promotes core values is more likely to flourish and sustain the growth in the future as compared to companies with weaker values and poor customer relations. Also once the marketing starts bringing results, a good customer service can help in reducing the marketing cost further. This is due to the fact that you earned the word of mouth through great services as promised.

Thus, the marketing and business boosting doesn't necessarily have to be expensive and cost you all the capital you possess, but it takes few strategies which if rightly applied can do wonders for the business.

The reputation and clients that you will have after these marketing efforts is what you earned and will stay with you in the form of a reward till the time you keep them.


Saman Fatima is a content writer at Embrace-IT and which is a recruitment company that helps to find talent. She formerly worked at National Magazine Pakistan as a writer and then an editor. A writer by day and a designer by night, her passion is turning into a versatile person with all skills at hand while helping the people in all aspects of writing, editing, and social media analyses. 




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