Five Baby Steps to Making a GIANT Impression with Social Media

By Gold Group

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Social Media, as we all know, has become ever more important for our professional and personal lives. You can talk and learn about your professional niche whilst remaining up to date with your hobbies/interests.

But how do you start making a lasting GIANT impression within the digital world and increase the prominence of your digital footprint? With five baby steps that’s how. 


Whether we like it or not, Google+ is increasing in importance within the Social Media world. More and more professionals are turning to this network as it starts adding your authorship to articles and brings your profile up alongside articles you have written in Google search. So now it’s time to set that profile up and optimise it to the max! There is plenty of advice out there for you to investigate and help you optimise yours. 

We aren’t suggesting you become the new Sherlock Holmes, but you could definitely take a few tips from him! Scour through the internet and Social Media for what’s hot at the moment and what is trending. You are likely to discover 100 concepts with only one of them set to go viral. Judging how viral something can be is the tough part. Trial and error can be the best way of judging a trending topic. 

Have you done your investigations thoroughly? Great, no that’s terrific! You can now anticipate what will be happening within your niche. You know what might start trending and what is trending at the time! It isn’t a bad thing to jump on the band wagon of something that is currently trending, but it is far more effective for your Digital footprint to be at the beginning of something big.

Your investigations would have identified key stories and trends, right? Your investigation should have also realised key speakers and thought leaders within the industry. Start commenting and adding insight to their conversations/blogs. Send them a few tweets and +1 a few of their articles. Slowly but surely you will be noticed. Once you have been noticed you will be able to exploit your content and ideas to these thoughts leaders and the wider audience. 

Unless you have found a real niche and a unique way of tackling it, you are unlikely to go viral overnight. Time is our best friend but our worst enemy at the same time. Do not try and make things happen overnight. I remember expecting my first blog to go viral… but a handful of shares and Facebook likes later it didn’t quite get there! 

Now take those baby steps and spend as long as you feel perfecting each step. Sometimes the final one can be the hardest… but patience will pay off and victory favours preparation! 

About the Author

Gold Group are a recruitment consultancy specialising in several different niches - for more info see: or follow us: @GoldGroupLtd

This guest post has been supplied by Laurence Chandler on behalf of Gold Group.

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