Get Ready, Get Hired – 7 Ways to Ace Psychometric Tests!

By James Brown

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More and more organizations have started to use psychometric testing in recent years. Today, job interviews are only a small part of the hiring process of many big firms, and a greater emphasis is being placed on various types of psychometric tests. So what exactly is a psychometric test? Psychometric tests are defined as all the activities and assessments employers give to evaluate the performance of a candidate or job seeker.

There are three main groups of psychometric and aptitude tests. The first is aptitude tests, which assess a candidate's cognitive abilities, including numeracy and literacy skills, spatial awareness, and more.  The second group is behavioral tests. These tests examine a candidate’s specific personality traits. The third group is assessment day exercises. These exercises are based on assessments of human interaction.

The shift that many companies have made in their hiring processes produces great challenges for many. However, coming prepared to the psychometric test will increase a candidate's chance of getting hired. So, how can you make sure you outperform your competition? Here are 7 ways to help you pass the test and get your desired job:

  1. Knowledge is power – As there are many different types of assessment tests, preparing for one doesn’t ensure that you’re ready for the test you’re about to take. Therefore, the more knowledge you have about the type of psychometric test you are about to take, the better prepared you will be. However, although some companies provide information about the testing process, most of them keep their process confidential. Some information is out there, so to ace your psychometric test gather as much of it as you can. Minimizing the uncertainty will ensure you’re proactive, and that may make all the difference.
  2. Who wrote your test? – Finding information about the test itself can be challenging, but locating information about the test provider may prove easier. Most companies do not write their own psychometric tests, but use a testing company to do it for them. Each company has its own way of challenging candidates. While some companies utilize longer tests, others make use of varying difficulty levels and different styles of questions (tables, graph, number series, etc.). Knowing who your test provider is will ensure you practice the right type of questions. Practicing questions that are not similar in style to those you’re about to face may correlate with lower performance.
  3. Plan – Keeping a record of your preparation process and planning a practice schedule increases your chances of outperforming the competition. Start with the basics, even if they seem too easy for you. In addition, it is recommended to practice by topic and not to mix different types of questions together in the beginning. If you start to prepare 24 to 48 hours before your psychometric test, then it is best to work on your weak areas and to take as many full-length practice tests as possible.
  4. Read answer explanations – One of the most common mistakes people make when preparing for psychometric tests is not being thorough when it comes to the answers. Knowing if you were right or wrong is simply not enough. You should always go over your mistakes and try to understand them as well as how to avoid them on the real test. Pay close attention to the explanations that accompany each question and answer. The explanations usually include mind-opening tricks that can help you ace your psychometric test.
  5. We are stronger together – Sharing your preparation process with others, as well as sharing the difficulties you are facing in the preparation process with friends or the online community, can assist you in coping with the challenges the psychometric test may pose. Alone, things might be scary or hard, but as you share your experience with other people who are about to take the test, you will see other's perspectives and gain a new point of view. Discovering that you’re not the only one facing difficulties can increase your confidence as well as help you to receive advice from others.
  6. Thoughts create reality – This may sound like a cliché, but believing in yourself and believing that you can do your best is half the battle. Hope and trust is always a great help, and that is why fate favors those who try. Keep fighting back and this will bring results!
  7. The best advice is the most trivial – As trivial as this may sound, the most basic of actions are precisely the ones required to ace any test:
  • Sleep well – A fully rested brain is faster and more aware.
  • Find your best study hours –  Practicing at the wrong hour may be less effective, and even ineffective.
  • Study in a safe zone – Prepare in the place that you concentrate best.

Following these 7 tips can and will help you outperform your competition, ace the test, and get hired! Gather as much information as possible, plan your schedule, be thorough, believe in yourself, and sleep well. Good luck and go get it!


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