How To Apply To a Higher Position

By Georgina Stewart

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Do you feel suffocated in your current role? Are you capable of more than you’re given or do you find that you’re continually given tasks that are above your position and your pay grade? If this is the case it may be time for you to apply for a higher position within your company; although whether you’re looking to take the next step straight away or are biding your time, there are a few things that you should take into account before you progress further.


1. Have Faith

Before you can begin to apply for higher positions, first, you must have faith. I don’t mean that you must become religious before applying for a higher position, only that you have faith in yourself, your potential and what you can already achieve.

A lack of faith in your abilities will be perceived as a weakness by those that receive your application and could be one of the deciding factors in whether or not you obtain the higher role.


2. Managing Responsibility

Another thing that you should consider before applying for a higher position is whether you would be able to handle the responsibility that would come with this role. If you do not fare well in difficult situations it may be wise to apply for a higher position in the near future; instead you may wish to wait and work on various methods of coping with responsibility and additional stress.


3. Strength & Perseverance

A key factor of applying for an advanced role is that if you believe in yourself and the skills that you have you will maintain your strength of will and persevere. You may not be accepted for the role the first time that you apply; if this is the case enquire about receiving candidate feedback so that you may try again at a later date.

If the company that you received an interview with do not get in touch with you after 7 days we advise that you contact them directly – you may be surprised by the results that you achieve by doing so.


4. Selective Communication

Another essential aspect of applying for an advanced role is that you must select particular skills to highlight within your application; these skills must be relevant to the job and must make you stand out above all other applicants by impressing those involved with handling your application.

It’s also advised that you name any attributes that will interest or engage the employer to better your chances at obtaining the position.


5. Focus & Adapt

Through your application you need to show that you are eager to learn new skills and are able to adapt to your surroundings as they change. If you are successful at proving this you may gain the advantage over those who are more experienced but are not willing or able to adapt to changes within their environment or find learning new things to be of great difficulty.


Skills such as these are essential if the role that you are applying for requires a skill set that you are not completely confident in as you may be provided with support and training to further your knowledge and your skills.


6. Don’t Give In

The most important aspect of applying for any type of job, especially those in a higher position is not to give up; it’s possible that you could be rejected or ignored by 25+ businesses before you are even considered for an interview. However, if you give up you will never know the opportunities that you may have missed. You could potentially be stuck in the same role for the rest of your career; if you do not apply for a higher position it’s highly unlikely that you will ever obtain it as such roles do not often present themselves.


So to obtain an advanced job or the higher position within your workforce you must believe in yourself, show enthusiasm for your job and understand your limits. Do not overwork yourself but always give your best – anything worth having often involves hard work.

Also don’t forget to portray the importance of the skills that you do have and how these skills will fulfil the role as well as benefitting the company.


Georgina Stamp is a dedicated member of the team at Marble Hill Partners; a company dedicated to providing interim management solutions.



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