How To Create a Big First Impression with Your CV

By Andrew Fennell

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If you are looking to land that dream job then your CV needs to make a big impression on recruiters and hiring managers.

This latest guide from StandOut CV shows exactly how you can create a high impact CV and persuade employers to invite you through to interview stage.

Firstly you need to create a flawlessly professional image to be taken seriously and ensure that your CV can be easily navigated by readers. Recruiters receive an average of 118 CVs per job vacancy so a professional appearance is essential.

Next create an easy-to-read structure so that recruiters can quickly pick out the information they need. Keep your at around 2 pages in length, use a simple clean font and ensure that your most valuable skills are highlighted at the top of your CV in order to create an instant impact.

Add proof of your value to an employer with impressive achievements that have impacted previous firms, and try to back them up with facts and figures where possible.

And don’t forget to include a cover letter with your application to ensure that your CV gets opened in the first instance. Tell the employer what you have to offer them as opposed to what you want from them.

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