5 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Marketing to Someone Else

By Amy Pritchett

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If you are considering hiring an agency or a freelancer to help with your social media marketing, there are a lot of good reasons to consider doing so. With so many different social platforms, an external person can help you make sense of each channel and also the best way to promote and distribute your content. Find a list of reasons you might want to consider outsourcing your social media marketing for your next project.

1. Defined processes

If you hire an agency or a freelance professional that has years of experience, then they are going to know how to work with each social platform and generate results. Social media has been around for years and with this time, experienced consultants have had time to see the fall of Myspace and the rise of Facebook for marketing.

A consultant will be able to tell you how many posts you should post each day and at what time. Also, they will know the best practice for Twitter compared to Facebook. They will also be able to tell you what social platform is most appropriate for your industry and have in-house systems in place where they monitor, measure, tweak and test their social efforts.

2. Expert knowledge

To be successful on social media, there is a degree of knowledge required for whoever it is that will be running campaigns. Also, this individual may require support in building the campaign. If you feel you do not have the correct in-house resources, then it makes sense to hire a freelancer or agency for the project.

An external social media expert will be able to provide the skills and support required to support your campaigns. They will also have more in-depth working knowledge about different social platforms than what you might currently have in-house. This is because they have to keep up to date with the latest features and tools available on different networks.

3. High level of attention

 It is often the case that social media is left to the last second or when you get around to doing it, other aspects of your business fall behind. Having a freelancer help you manage this effort will guarantee this part of your business isn’t neglected.

4. Outsider’s perspective

Doing all your marketing in-house could potentially become a detriment to your business because everything becomes very introspective. This is the benefit of bringing an external person in to give you a breath of fresh air and creative thinking. 

A social media contractor could challenge your previous ways of thinking and encourage you to try a new approach that you may have never considered.

5. Competitor insights

Finally, an external social media manager will have had the benefits of working with multiple clients. This means they will know exactly what other businesses are doing on social media (including your competition).


About the Author: 
Amy P is a digital marketing specialist and writer for freelancemyway.com. She is dedicated to providing businesses with advice and tips on how to work more closely with freelancers for success.


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