How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job


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LinkedIn, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful online tools that you can use to explore your market and grow as a professional. Dubbed as “the world’s largest professional network”, LinkedIn has over 660 million users from around the globe and continually growing with almost 173,000 new users each day. That alone tells you that people trust LinkedIn to help them grow career-wise.

One study shows that LinkedIn is primarily utilized by top-level executives to network within the industry. Furthermore, the study showed that professionals also use LinkedIn to discover and hire people. So, if there is one platform where you should spend more time on, it should be this one.

Find out how, you too can take advantage of its power.

Can LinkedIn Find You a Job?

With more people shifting to remote work, finding an ideal job online can be tough. Competition is high, especially with the current shift to remote work happening worldwide. This means you need to find creative ways to showcase your skills and competencies. Not only that, but you also want to be visible and connected to the right people in order to find quality and high paying jobs. 

How to do this? Take advantage of LinkedIn’s platform to slowly build your career.

Not known to many, LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented platform which makes it a powerful ally when it comes to building your professional online presence. So, yes. LinkedIn can help you find that perfect job.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Get a Job?

If you are new to LinkedIn, do not worry, we have listed all the important steps you need to take in order to maximize and harness the platform’s power. If you do not have an account yet, just follow the steps below on how to create a killer profile.


             1. Create a LinkedIn Account – Make sure that your profile is optimized and 100% complete. Remember that this is going to be your online portfolio and can be viewed by hundreds of potential employers, so make sure to put your best foot forward and wow them with your profile.

            Below are some of the critical items that should be present on your LinkedIn profile, so take some time creating them:

  • Upload a professional-looking headshot. It can either be taken by a professional photographer or you can do it yourself at home, but it should be of good quality. Think bright, clear, and formal looking.
  • Create a headline that makes you stand out. Use this section to highlight your industry skills using keywords that will attract your potential employer and mentors. Don’t forget to add your location too.
  • Write down your professional summary in a manner that highlights your strengths, achievements, and most importantly, what you have to offer. Do not forget to link to examples of your work or upload some samples so potential employers can easily browse through them.
  • List work experiences, certifications, training, and seminars. Be specific with each job description so your viewers can see your capabilities and potential. Use this section to showcase work successes and make sure to add a link to your previous work, presentations, and photos for proof

    2. Build a Great Connection- Connect with former colleagues and employers. Follow potential employers and businesses related to your skills and industry. You want as many eyes on your profile as possible and the best way to do this is to build a strong connection with people and hiring professionals. These connections can potentially bridge you with your future employer.

Tip: Check the network of your current connections and see if you can find anyone you can also connect with. These second-degree connections can help widen your networking opportunities. 


        3. Get EndorsedLinkedIn endorsement is a feature that allows your connections to endorse you for certain skills. Consider this as a virtual thumbs-up from other people in the same industry. These personal testimonials can add value to your credibility and reliability as an employee. So, do not be shy to ask former colleagues, employers, and mentors to vouch for you by endorsing you on the platform.

Tip: You can go ahead and write or create recommendations for your former colleagues first, so when they see them, they may think of creating one for you too.


        4. Search for Jobs – Search for available jobs using the LinkedIn job search function and make sure to subscribe to job alerts so you will be one of the first ones to apply as soon as a job opening is posted. Job seekers on LinkedIn can be competitive so you need to step up your game and be alert at all times.

Tip: Track all your applications and do not hesitate to make a quick follow-up if you do not hear from the hiring person after 5-7 days. This shows the hiring professional that you are serious about the job, and such act may help you stand out among the rest.


        5. Join Groups and Discussions- A great way to further build and strengthen your presence is to showcase your expertise in LinkedIn groups. Search for industry-related groups and topics that you are interested in and once you have joined, comment and contribute to the discussions. Remember to add value to the correspondence for every comment that you leave.

Tip: Always follow best practices when it comes to building your brand/professional footprint on LinkedIn. You want to be regarded as someone knowledgeable or an expert in the field and not as a spammer or a serial self-promoter. LinkedIn frowns upon such behaviors.

  • Post Engaging Content – Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you can actually post updates, links, images, and videos on the platform. Use this feature to share content that is relevant to your industry. To project professionalism and expertise, make sure you only post clear images, quality videos, and legit articles from credible sources.

Tip: Protect your online reputation and integrity by double-checking facts and sources before posting articles not written by you.

  • Publish your Own Articles – LinkedIn has a Publishing Platform where you can write articles and post them on your profile. This is another great way to polish your professional identity on the network. Just remember that published articles become visible to the public and can be shared by anyone, so make sure your pieces are written well and free from grammatical and typographical errors.

Tip: Keep your article headlines short and concise but present something of value so people will be drawn to read them. Also, do not forget to respond to comments left on your posts to show appreciation and to foster healthy discussion.


Other Things You Can Do to Enhance Your LinkedIn Experience

Aside from the ones listed above, here are other things and activities you can do on LinkedIn to get more favorable results:

  • Ask to be introduced- You can request current connections to help introduce you to someone in their connections to widen your network. Do not overlook your second-degree connections as they can serve as a gateway to more professional connections which may benefit your career in the future. 


  • Stay Active – One way to stay relevant in the industry is to stay active. Post articles you have written, or news and articles related to the industry you are in. Not only will this help keep you within your connection’s view, but this can also help build your reputation as an expert in the field.


  • Update Your Profile Regularly- Keep your profile up to date by adding recent certifications, training, and work experiences. Learned a new skill? Or maybe gained higher education over the last couple of months? Do not forget to add them on LinkedIn right away.


  • Follow Best Practices from Industry Leaders- Still not getting the results you were hoping for? Check the profiles of industry leaders. Try looking at their profiles and listed skills. See what makes them stand out and impressive to you. Chances are, those are the same things that impressed the other professionals in the industry and possibly the reasons why they are successful at what they do.


Tip: Look at their strategies, skills, and even how they worded their profile headline and see if they are applicable to you. There is nothing wrong with copying best practices. By doing this, you might see loopholes on your account and then you can make the necessary corrections. You can even reach out to people who inspire you and have them look at your profile for feedback.

Overall, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to help you elevate your professional career. You just need to remember though, that like any tool, you need to exert effort to see results and to reap the benefits. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback and input from other people. Implementing your own ideas plus the application of winning expert advice can make for a powerful outcome.

Use the LinkedIn strategies above and you should start seeing positive results and receive that interview invites real soon. 


About the Author: Aubrey Lacuna is a passionate writer and a contributor to She loves being on top of recruitment and career trends. On her free time, she spends time reading a book with a good cup of coffee. 

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