How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job Faster

By Biron Clark

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If you're not a huge fan of applying for jobs online, you're not alone. Here's how the typical process goes: You find a job you like, you register an account on their careers page, you upload a resume and cover letter, you're taken to a form where you're asked to fill out much of the same info and then finally you can send it off.

After all of this effort, you might not even hear back from the company. They might have hired somebody yesterday and you're still going to spend 30 minutes sending a resume. There has to be a better way!

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job Faster

Fortunately, a better way has arrived. The process described above is about to seem prehistoric. Here's how the LinkedIn job search method works and how it'll save you hours of time.

First, you run a search for a job title or relevant keyword in LinkedIn's search bar, but first, select the small briefcase icon to the left of the search bar so you're only searching for jobs.

Once you're looking at the results, narrow it down for city you're searching in. You'll find the option on the left-hand side of the screen. You can add other keywords and search parameters too, such as combining a job title like "Sales Manager" with a keyword like "Software."

Once you've done this, your search results should be a list of relevant jobs in your city. Click one that looks interesting and you're going to see one of two buttons:

Scenario 1:

With the "Apply" button, you can submit a resume to the company in less than two minutes with just a few clicks. This is the most powerful part of the process and is how other job seekers are using LinkedIn to get multiple interviews in less than an hour. All you need to do is click the "Apply" button, upload your resume from your computer, select the contact info you want to provide and send it off! 

No need to register an account with any employers or find the job description on the company's website. It's all on LinkedIn. The only hard part is reading the description and deciding if you want to apply for the job! You won't need to spend time on a cover letter either; companies don't expect it with this method.

There's flexibility too; if you have a specific situation to explain, like a one year gap in employment, you can include a cover letter if you'd like. It's totally up to you. In fact, you could even choose to apply for jobs without a resume, using only your LinkedIn profile (not recommended!)

Scenario 2:

The other half of the time, you will view a job posting and see the "Apply on company website" button. This isn't quite as good but is still worth looking into.

That button will take you directly to the company's website or job portal where you can submit an application. This can be a simple one-page form, or it might be a very complicated and time-consuming series of online forms to work through. Clicking the button to visit their site is the only way to find out. 

You will have so many opportunities available to you in LinkedIn that you can skip the companies that offer a frustrating or difficult process! If you click and find a tedious online form and you aren't particularly excited about the company, move on!

You're truly in control with this method and shouldn't feel pressure to fight through a brutal job application process. You can decide exactly where your time will be best spent instead of stressing out about it. 

Final Steps in the Process

The general idea with this method is to start many conversations, open up multiple avenues in your job search, and not spend too much time on any one application unless you're particularly excited about the job or company. Then take the list of employers that showed interest in you, narrow it down, have a preliminary conversation with most of them, and then decide which companies to have an on-site interview with from that batch. 

This is what the top job candidates do in their careers. They don't look at one job and decide it is the right fit. They evaluate many options so they can gain perspective into which opportunity is best for their career.

If you do this, companies will have a greater sense of urgency when it comes to making a job offer. You will also have more confidence in the interview room, and more leverage when it comes time to negotiate. That's how this method can help you land a better job offer.

The One Exception

There is one scenario where this method should not be used. If you have a connection to a company through your network, for example an ex-colleague works at a company you'd like to apply to, contact them first. It is always better to get an introduction from somebody the company knows and trusts. 

In all other cases, which should be most of the time, this LinkedIn job search method is a powerful tool that you should consider as your first option when applying for jobs online. You will save time, avoid frustration, and reduce job search anxiety throughout the process. 


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