How to Write a CV for Accounting and Finance Roles

By Graeme Jordan (CV Writer / Interview Coach / professional Marketer)

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Having written CVs for accountants at all levels, both in house and in practice and also for accountancy professionals transferring into wider industry and consultancy roles, I can share some insights into what turns a good CV for these roles into an excellent CV

Be competitive

By this I mean – you need to recognise that the other applicants will probably have similar qualifications and experience to you. So it follows that these are not the things that will get you chosen. They are pre-requisites. What gets you selected is the detail of the range of particular experience that matches your next employer’s needs and the evidence you give that demonstrates your track record.

Focus on achievements

It’s tempting to focus on technology, techniques and ways of doing things because these are the everyday things that are familiar to you. These are also the things that employers say they want. But this doesn’t differentiate you. You have to meet the basics and then go further. You have to read between the lines of the generic job advert and job description and decide what else is relevant. Did you help a client win significant investment? Did you save them some serious money? Did you support a major project? It’s amazing how often these things are missed off a CV due to years of bad advice and inadequate CV templates.

How does the company see itself?

Many accountancy practices now position themselves as ‘accountants and business advisors’. Similarly, many consultancy firms employ business people with an accountancy background. This gives you a clue as to the kind of achievements that are most relevant to these kinds of roles. It’s about the impact of your work.

These are the things that can’t be matched by others. 

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