How to Write a Winning Digital Marketing CV

By Andrew Fennell

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Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry, which makes now a great time to start or progress your career in the sector.

Highlighting your skills and structuring your CV to entice a recruiter to find out more, is essential if you want to excel in digital marketing.

Below are the areas you should be focusing on to make your CV stand out and help you progress with the recruitment process.


Know your value and sell yourself

Documenting your experiences isn’t enough, display the value you’ve had within each of your previous posts giving more impact to your CV. Sell yourself, detailing examples of your strengths and skills.

Discuss your relevant accomplishments within either your previous education or work experience. Avoid using cliché phrases such as “I am hardworking” and be specific in the value you added to your previous teams. Showcasing how you contributed to common goals or projects.


Have a clear structure

A structure is a key element of your CV, break up your experiences in defined sections assisting a recruiter in the decision-making process. Facilitate ease of reading with a professional format, keeping to a muted colour scheme and a clear font.

Recruiters may review hundreds of CVs, so at first glance your CV should portray your suitability for the sector, guiding them through your experiences. Keep the most important aspects of your CV to the top of your page, starting with your personal profile, intriguing the reader to delve deeper into your experiences.  


Highlight your digital marketing expertise

Display your digital marketing expertise throughout your CV, through professional qualifications, freelance work or full-time employment.

Exhibit the areas of digital marketing you have experience within, whether search engine optimisation, content marketing or web development.

Cover each area with examples, demonstrating your knowledge of social media marketing or your ability to understand analytics or metrics.

Present yourself as an expert, having a well-round knowledge of the industry whilst also showing your specialisms through project involvement. Add these to your core skills section of your CV, keeping this to the top of the page underneath your personal profile.


Quantify your results

Add metrics, data or figures to your CV, giving credibility to any examples you have provided. Be specific in your detail, pinpointing project involvement or particular clients you’ve worked with.

Discuss increases to site traffic you contributed towards, revenue growth you were part of or any recognition you gained.

For example, instead of stating “improved site traffic for a client” assert “increased organic traffic to a client’s website by 100% over a 3 month period whilst increasing their social media following by 10k.” The second statement provides more impact and will stand out to a recruiter.


Showcase your work 

When applying for digital marketing positions, a portfolio of work could be a major selling point. Include any applicable links, showcasing your previous work whether on a client website or a specific portfolio.

Consider a link to your LinkedIn account if this contains testimonials from previous clients or endorsements from digital marketing firms you have previously worked for.


Andrew Fennell is a former recruiter and founder of CV writing service and advice centre StandOut CV - One of the biggest resources for CV advice, example CVs, CV templates, cover letters and more

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