How you SHOULD write your CV

By Gold Group

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Your CV is the chance you get to impress the recruiter or employer. Use this space and time wisely to draw attention to your key attributes. The list below provides you with the key ingredients to be included on your CV.


Your direct contact details – The recruiter/employer needs to be able to contact you. It is a simple aspect of the CV which many people fail to update or don't have at all. Making reference to your social media profiles is also a plus.

Emphasise your key achievements – Be proud of what you have achieved in previous roles. Your previous achievements will also add a unique selling point to your CV giving examples of how you have used your specialist set of skills.

Display ONLY your relevant previous jobs and experience – If you are applying for a Planning job then emphasise your previous Planning jobs. Alternative experience may be of use, however be sure it has some relationship to the role you're applying for.

Clear and sharp layout – Use sub sections to break up your CV and increase the ease of navigation. You do not want recruiters/employers wasting time trying to locate the correct information, they will simply discard your application.

State your hobbies and interests – Your hobbies and interests will say a lot about how you operate and think. A football player may be seen as extremely competitive with a strong emphasis on team effort. Whereas a keen chess player may be seen as a strategist and thinker. Ensure your hobbies relate to the job and avoid things that say the opposite about you as a person vis-a-vis the role requirements.

Make it professional – You are not trying to convince your friends to give you a job but a seasoned professional within the industry. Think and talk like them and you will instantly create common ground and interact effectively. Try and use industry lingo to demonstrate an understanding of the market.


These tips will provide you with the core of your CV. However be sure to input job specific information into your application. A fancy layout and subtitles will count for nothing if you do not have good content.

Remember to personalise it and make it your own!


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