How To Upload To Instagram Without Needing A Mobile Phone

By Laurie Wood

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Yes, that’s right! Who would have thought there would be a desktop app out there which makes it actually possible to upload an image or video to Instagram without needing your phone. Oh, and it’s completely free to use. So, place your phone aside, load up your PC or laptop, have your images ready and discover the magic that is Gramblr.

First things first, Gramblr is a desktop application meaning you need to download and install onto your computer. There is also an option for Mac users. Once you have this installed you’re good to go.

You now need to connect your Instagram account, this could be a personal or business account, so as long as you have permission to use it.


From there it’s pretty self-explanatory. Click the Drag Image Here link and upload your chosen photo (or video). Crop the image if it needs a trim. You now have the option to add filters and adjust your image to your heart’s desire.



Gramblr allows you to add generic filters, change colour, add frames and much more! The option of Motion allows you zoom in on your image. Once you’ve made your image fancy, click save > continue.


Okay, you can add your caption and any appropriate hashtags.
You can tag any other accounts on your image and Gramblr will even show a list of similar accounts it thinks you may be interested in. Finally, you can either upload straight away or schedule for a later date. I’ve yet to discover a limit to how far and how many you can schedule in advance. I’ve managed to schedule up to 40 posts across 2 months in advance!

Finally, you can view, edit, re-schedule or delete all your scheduled posts on the Schedule tab.


And there you have it! Not a single phone needed and no permissions will be sent to your phone. All seems too good to be true right? Well, there are some downsides to using Gramblr I have to mention:

  • Gramblr only uploads if your computer is switched on. If you turn off when you have a post scheduled, it will post soon as you turn on your computer again.

  • You’re unable to tag location in Gramblr.

  • Your filters are not the same as Instagrams so if you are after that misty, soft look, perhaps your phone is best.

  • Posting an in the now moment is tricky if you haven’t a portable laptop.

So those are the biggies, but overall it’s pretty cool, right? Certainly, a massive time saver and arguably is more suitable for business use rather than personal. It also means you haven’t got to have your phone out on the desk, so your boss can never say you’re just sat on your phone!

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