Interview Preparation 101

By Andrew Fennell

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Your CV has made an excellent impression, you’ve passed the initial telephone screening and made it through to interview stage… Great news!

But the hard work isn’t over yet. Job interviews can be a daunting prospect, but good preparation will remove a lot of the stress.

So if you have an interview coming up check out this latest guide from StandOut CV, showing you the essentials of interview preparation.

A few days before you will need to perform the bulk of your preparation work, including researching the company in full and fully understanding the job description. You need to know exactly what the company do and how your role contributes to the overall running of the organisation. Do plenty of research online and be sure to speak to the recruiter about any points you are unsure of.

You should also prepare notes on your suitability for the role and also understand your weaknesses. Plan your journey well in advance as being just 5 minutes late could cost you the job.

Practice answering some common interview questions, such as “why do you want this job?” and “why should we hire you?” as these are bound to arise in some form or another.

Prepare your outfit the night before to avoid any last minute wardrobe malfunctions and try to get at least 8 hours sleep to ensure you function at your best.

Interview Preparation 101

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