Is Working Remotely Really an Option?

By Social Media Manager - James R.C. Smith - Vancouver, BC

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Working away from the office can, in some cases cause significant problems for a company. If uncontrolled and ill-managed, it may lead to slower work completion times, unreachable staff and even a loss of loyalty to the rest of the team.


However, working from home can be a viable and more efficient option if your staff has some key criteria:



you leave your employee to get on with their own projects and avoid distractions at home? Will they be able to set aside a working area and stick to it like they would if they were in the office?


Right Personality

staff will need to enjoy the freedom of working in solitude for extended periods. A work-focused introvert can excel while left to progress in a self-motivated environment. If, though your employees are extroverted team players then perhaps the office is best for them.



Do they wake up in the morning raring to go? If they consistently arrive a little earlier than needed before work just to get on with what they’re working on, then you’ve got a winner and can be trusted to drive themselves forward. If they arrive at 8.59am and leave at 5pm exactly then they may need some encouragement and incentive to complete tasks.

If well managed, working remotely can increase productivity and reduce overheads. It is also a great option if you have the need for employees with a particular talent but are restricted with travel or working at set times. Teleworkers can be involved in office team meetings via Skype and be constantly available (during work hours) via instant messaging and email. Even working in different time zones can be an advantage. News stories may break and need commenting on or international clients may need to be talked to when your colleagues are sleeping.

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