Job Hunt Tips: Why + How To Put Social Media To Work in Your Job Search

By Tony Restell

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Tony Restell, Founder of

The impact of social media on the recruiting landscape has been truly seismic. We've written about this at great length elsewhere*, so the purpose of this blog is very simply to share the following great insights from Jobjuice.

If you're a candidate who's been doubting the value of engaging more extensively via social media, this infographic should certainly have you sitting up and paying attention. From the high percentages of recruiters using social media in their recruiting efforts, to the impact that social media research is having upon their hiring decisions, there can be little doubt as to the pervasiveness of the technology amongst recruiters today.

There are many things candidates can take from this data - besides the sheer need to have a social media presence in the first place. Chief amongst these I would stress the scope for candidates to be proactive in their job search efforts... and the overwhelming importance of genuinely engaging via social media, allowing your personality to shine through and ensuring the recipient of your approaches feel like theirs is the company you'd really like to join (rather than just one of many you've fired your application off to)


Source: Jobjuice

* I could add many lengthy blogs we've written on the impact of social media on recruitment, but the two I would draw candidates' attention to the most are:

Getting Hired: The Simple But Overlooked Steps Every Candidate Must Take In The Networked Economy

Part II: The Simple But Overlooked Steps Every Candidate Must Take In The Networked Economy


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