Job Hunting In the Digital Age: Reputation, Resumes & Video Interviews

By Vera Marie Reed

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All successful businesses know that in today’s highly digital age in order to thrive they need to be on social media. According to Fortune, an estimated 2 billion people are now on social media and that number continues to increase everyday. However, only a small percentage of businesses choose to use social media to expand their businesses. Social media is the best tool to reach a global audience and increase visibility for your company. Using social media in a professional manner can help boost your career and your business in numerous ways such as connecting with others in your field who can help your career grow in this ever evolving digital world.


Part of integrating social media into your career is making sure you are using the best platforms for your intended audience. Having a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account is great for taking part in conversations and connect with other business leaders. While holistic platforms such as these are great for any business to be a part of, there are some social media platforms that might be more for niche businesses. For example, a graphic design or craft company might find Pinterest a useful platform to make connections but other businesses might not find the Pinterest community so useful. Making sure you are using social media properly to help your business and career is important. Keeping track of the content you post to make sure it is business-friendly will help consumers find you and your business more credible. Responding to and interacting on your pages with your audience is important for creating relationships with your consumers. Social media is a great tool to help build up your business’ reputation as digital platforms are the main communication outlets in the Digital Age.


Social media can be used to build businesses and careers in a global manner as it can reach a wider audience than older forms of communication. Whether you are looking to continue to establish your business or thinking of making a career change here are some more ways you can keep your career up-to-date in the Digital Age:

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