Job Search: 5 Simple Ways to Speed it up

By Vibeke Schurch - Business Coach

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Have you ever spoken to someone who is excited about job search? For most people looking for a job is as humble as it gets. But let’s face it, it’s something we have to do to if we want to get a job. The longer your job search drags out, the more your self-esteem and motivation will suffer.

In this article, I will show you 5 steps you can implement right now to shorten your job search and tap into the huge hidden job market using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most used database recruiters and hiring managers use to search for candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers would rather find you than pay to post the job to a job board. If you’re not visible on LinkedIn, you’re out of the game. Implement these 5 steps to make LinkedIn the gateway to your next job:

1) Complete your LinkedIn profile ( and make sure to create a compelling headline and summary. Complete every step and optimize your profile with important key words and skills pertinent to your industry and the type of position you are seeking.

2) Grow your network. In order to be visible on LinkedIn and to take advantage of most of the features, you need to grow your network. The larger your network the more people can find you in searches. Once you get 500+ connections you’re visible to about 90% of LinkedIn.

3) Join LinkedIn groups that are specific to your industry. Participate with relevant content and be a resource if you can. Make sure to be courteous and provide valuable content and comments. This is a great way to network with people in your industry and gain valuable contacts for your job search.

4) Look up people who are in a position to hire you. Through the advanced search feature you can search by title, industry and company. Once you find key people to network with, find out which LinkedIn groups these people belong to and join some of the same groups to get a chance to connect with them.

5) Download the app LinkedIn Signal ( This tool will allow you to listen in to status updates from hiring managers and you may find out about a job before it is posted. Signal allows you to narrow down the status updates using search filters such as industry, company, time published, region and more. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can find relevant content about jobs. These updates will usually appear before a job is posted and you can reply directly to the person who posted the update, putting you right in front of the person in charge of the hiring.

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