Joining a Startup vs. Big Company After Graduation

By Mary Johnson

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Joining A Startup vs Big Company After Graduation

Once graduated many young people start to think more seriously about their future and their career, and deciding whether or not to join a startup or a big company is often a tough decision to make at the begining of one's career path. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that come hand in hand with both of these options, however ultimately the decision lies with you - your individual personality, strengths and weaknesses. With this in mind, here are some of the most important aspects to consider when deciding between joining a startup or a big company after your graduation.

Compensation and Benefits

Big company:
One of the greatest benefits of working for a large company is that you are more or less guaranteed a respectable salary as well as bonuses such as health insurance, canteens and gym memberships.

Startup companies often do not have the financial resources to offer big salaries and different employee benefits, but on the plus side, there are a number of startups aggressively hiring young talent.


Learning Opportunities

Big company:
A big company can be a great place to learn and master your skills. Big companies often provide internal training and offer a very solid technical foundation.

At a startup you will often be expected to have a sound knowledge of your field. You may also find yourself taking on roles which are not strictly connected to your job. This often allows you to learn and broaden your skillset.



Big company:
It is fair to say that large companies already possess a fairly substantial client base, and this technically means that you can reach out to a lot of people. However, when a big number of people are working on the same project it is often difficult to get the credit you deserve.

At a startup you will immediately find yourself working longer hours and in possession of greater responsibilities. However, this tends to mean that you will see a faster and more direct impact of your work, which in a long run will leave you with a well-deserved sense of satisfaction.


Future career prospects

Big company:
Working for a big and well known company is naturally a great thing for any CV and will aid you in the long run. You will also have the opportunity to work up the corporate ladder or try out for a promotion. This can however turn out to be a painfully slow, and is not guaranteed.

On the other hand with a startup there is always the possibility that the company may never really take off, and may quite simply fizzle out after just a few years. This being said, experience in a startup company looks great on a CV as well, as it shows that you are willing to take initiative and run professional risks.

By carefully considering the above aspects and by doing your own additional research you will find yourself well on the way to making your first career move after graduating. If you are currently searching for work why not look for a job at Luxottica here?

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