Key Attributes in Interview – BE ENTHUSIASTIC!

By Sarah Bennett

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At Interview Heaven we run courses that give people tools so that they can be absolutely at the top of their game in any job interview. We also regularly interview recruiters in various fields in a series called ‘Panel’s Perspective’ to make sure we’re completely on track with our training and to give people key insights into what the panel are after.

Out of our most recent interviews, covering fields of Entertainment and Technology, Design Start Ups, Recruitment and Law, one of the most requested attributes in interview was ‘enthusiasm for the role and the company’.

That’s a no-brainer isn’t it? Not according to these panels. Apparently it’s lacking in a significant number of interviews.

So…how do you show your enthusiasm?

Or…looking at it a different way, if you were sitting on the panel, interviewing someone, how would you know that they were enthusiastic about the role and the company? What would be the evidence?

Here’s an overview, though there may well be more industry specific options too.

How to show enthusiasm for the job and company

Know as much as possible about the job you’re going for and the company. Phrases like ‘I’ve had a quick look at your website’ don’t fill interviewers with confidence!


What Can You Bring?
Having done your research, why are you excited about the job and the company? What are you enthusiastic to bring to the role and the company? What specific examples have you got of having done this before? Knowing this in advance will inform your answers.


Are you happy to be in the room? Or emitting vibes of dread? To show you are excited about the role and the company, you have to show that you are excited to be given this opportunity to answer their questions and ask some of your own. We work a lot on managing your feelings so that you can bring the right attitude with ease on the Interview Heaven Course.


Imagine having been in the role for a week. What key questions are you likely to have? Ask them before you get the job. Having done your research, what couldn’t you find out that really interests you? Does asking about holiday entitlement show enthusiasm for the job and the company? What does? Have a real think about this in advance. Negotiations about pay and holiday can happen once the offer has been made.


When the interviewers are talking, actively listen to what they’re saying rather than waiting until it’s your turn to speak. Interviewers will pick up on it if you aren’t listening and it may come across as disinterest. Again this ‘being present’ rather than listening to your internal voice is something we do a lot of work on at the course.


About the Author

Sarah is a Trainer for Interview Heaven, a one day, intensive interview skills course which prepares you to be hired. If you know you have the skills to do the job, but don’t do yourself justice in interviews, or if you want to take the next step on the career ladder and need to have the edge, then it’s the right course for you.

Additionally, Sarah is a certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner. She runs her own coaching practice, Canary Coaching, which offers one-on-one coaching to executives particularly within the media industry.  Sarah is also a Director of the online comedy production company, ComComedy. Sarah has over 7 years’ experience in the Legal and Banking sectors and is a playwright and director in her spare time. Sarah also runs specialist training for performers to succeed in auditions.


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