5 Ways You Can Build Trust By Humanising Your Brand On Social Media

By Laurie Wood

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Consumer-brand trust is an important factor for retaining customers and introducing yourself to new ones, you need to have that credibility and reputation that your brand is trustworthy. However, many customers are now interacting with brands with their guards up due to the bombardment of unwanted advertising and ideological issues of what a corporate company entails. Without this consumer-trust brands risk seeing a decrease of customer retention and general profit.

Fortunately, there are ways you can battle this barrier and all of which is cost-free!
Being able to engage with users with authenticity lets the user know that they are connected with a human, thus breaking away any ready-made corporate image they may have had with your brand, to begin with. This type of strategy is known as humanising your brand. It can easily be taught but the tricky part is not letting those skills become sloppy due to laziness over time. Let's look at the ways you can humanise your brand on social media.


Robot style writing can make your brand come across as dull and corporate, which of course may work on a website but not on social media. When creating your next post, think about what you want to write, and now think about how you've said it in your head. Did you use any slang? What was your tone like? Did you speak in the first person? Once you have that down, don't be afraid to experiment with emojis, they can really add a personal touch to your posts.




When interacting with people online you need to remember that you're actually having conversations with real humans, so talk to them as you would a friend. This will reaffirm the user that their query is being heard and will make them feel valued.

Keep an eye on any user-generated content coming in which you could comment on. Anything promoting your brand in a positive light deserves to get noticed, right? This is a good opportunity to incorporate humour and don't forget the power of an emoji!



If you want to get really personal you can sign your name at the end of your tweet replies. Similar to how a person may ask for the name of who they're speaking with on the telephone with a company, signing your name gives the user the option to keep that as a reference for their query in future...Plus it's just nice to know who you're speaking with!


An incredibly important aspect of humanising any brand is flaunting your brand advocates and highlighting any office buzz. Instagram is your number one platform for this, however, you should be incorporating company life on all of your channels. Keep the content fun and light hearted, try not to edit the images too much, they need to look authentic. Users want to see the faces behind the brand as they will find it relatable and some even comforting knowing you're all just human at the end of the day.


Humour can be added via your writing style or post content. BooHoo is a great example of how a brand can get away with posting unrelated, funny content but still reflect their target market. Keep tracking the daily hashtag trends and see if any quirky ones appear which your brand could snap up.



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